Hand embroidered Zodiac Sign Tote Bags

Posted below are the images of the hand embroidered Zodiac Sign Tote Bags  made by the rural artisans of the village we work.This is an effort to enable rural women earn livelihood by doing hand embroidery work. One may order the product required by sending  e-mail to us. Our e-mail id is ahambhumika@gmail.com 

The size of every  Tote Bag  is 15 X 16.5 inches . Fabric cotton . Colour tested . One may hand wash or dry clean . You need to send name of the product or product code mentioned below the name of each product to order . Price of each Zodiac sign Tote Bag is Rs.550 . The mode of payment is NEFT.

We ship all over India .Once we receive your order will send you our bank details for payment alongwith the confirmation of order .
                                                                 Product Name :Auqarious  Product code:ZA
                                                                  Product Name :Aries Product code:ZAR
                                                          Product Name : Cancer  Product Code :ZC
                                                                   Product Name :Capricorn  Product code:ZCC
                                                                   Product Name :Zemini   Product code:ZZ
                                                                  Product Name :Leo   Product code:ZL
                                                                     Product Name :Libra   Product code :ZL
                                                           Product name:Pisces Product Code :ZP

                                                             Product Name :Sagatarius   Product code:ZS
Product Name: Scorpio Product Code:ZS
                                                                         Product Name :Tarus  Product code:ZT

Product Name :Virgo  Product Code : ZV


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