Fund raising campaign

We need funds.

As you know Aham Bhumika isn’t funded by the government or any corporate, we started it as a people movement and we want it to remain that. So, here we’re asking you again.

It is because of your exemplary support we’ve been able to come this far with our initiatives. We’ve successfully carried out Bicycle donation, we’re helping village schools and we’re running our own Grain school for village women. We’ve been able to do all this because of cloths, grains, books, stationary and bicycles provided by you. We’re planning to scale up our operation, start a few more grain school, and get involved with some more villages. Till now our scope was limited and hence we could manage with donation of items but now as we plan to include some more villages, we would also require funds. We’re sure you all would continue to support us in our fund raising campaign the way you’ve done in the past with other campaigns. 

Grain School is an initiative by Aham Bhumika to make village women self-reliant. The plan is to first teach these women to read, write and do arithmetic and then continue the school as a study circle where they learn various other skills relevant to improving their livelihoods. It has been rightly said that development should mean giving someone a fishing rod and teaching her to fish rather than giving her fish to eat continually. This is precisely what the Grain School is doing by teaching the poor women the skills that will enable them to put their precarious livelihoods on a sustainable footing.

To ensure attendance is regular to the school Aham Bhumika provide women a monthly quota of Grain. As these women work as daily wage labors, grain provided to them eases their burden of earning and hence ensures their better participation in the school.

Till now we’ve collected the grains from various schools of Bhopal. Looking at demand for enrolment in Grain School we urgently need to start another batch ASAP. We need your support to do this. Our expense for running the Grain School is around Rs. 12,000/- per month and we need to operate at least for six months till we can put it on self-sustainable mode. Hence, the total approx. expense would be around 72,000, and as you’re our sponsors here we’re asking you donations.

We’re a people’s initiative and we need your support keep going. Please donate even the smallest amount matters for us, and please spread the word around forward this email to as many people as you can. We don’t promise you Good Luck for forwarding this email but we pledge to make a difference to our country.

You can send us any amount even One Rupee a day which will be Rs. 365/- per year will mean a lot to us. (Can’t we do this much for underprivileged of our country?)

Receipt for every donation will be sent to the concerned donor and their names will be posted on our blog in Our Supporters section.

You can send your donations through Cheques/ DDs in favor of – AHAM BHUMIKA SWAYAM SEVI SANSTHA, Payable at BHOPAL (M.P.)

Online Bank Transfer- you can transfer do account transfer to our account AHAM BHUMIKA, ACCOUNT NO.- 2073101015874, IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, Bank - CANARA BANK, Branch - MAHARANA PRATAP NAGAR, BHOPAL

For any query mail us

You may also call Subrat Goswami, Founder, Ahambhumika on his cell No. 09826472718

Postal address: 458- B Sector, Sarvadharam Colony, Kolar Road,Bhopal -462042 (M.P.)

We want to thank Mr. Vipin Sharma and IT Genie Group for designing the poster of our campaign.


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