Aham Bhumika in Media

Some of the media has been really kind and has given prominent space to our endeavors. Here are some Aham Bhumika stories published in the newspapers and news portals. 

After used clothes and old newspaper, it is now the turn of bicycles. These used and old bicycles are transforming the lives of poor school going children in rural areas of Bhopal, reports Shuriah Niazi.

Bhopal, Aug 31: A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step. As a medium of ensuring that every poor child gets the chance to undertake the journey towards future, Aham Bhumika (meaning Important Role), an NGO, has come up with the novel initiative of collecting used and old cycles from the people and donating them to poor school children.


Sowmya Amarnath said...
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Sowmya Sampath said...

This is a page worth to stop by and read the content. I keep sharing your face book updates. Hoping that it may bring some help to little sisters.

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