Our Supporters

Thank You For Your Support!

We're thankful to the people who have supported us to successfully carry out our initiatives till now. Each name mentioned here have in helped us transform lives of underprivileged people in rural in some way. Please join us to thank them.

We wish that this list will continue to grow longer with each day. Thank you everyone. Besides these names some of our supporters have decided to remain anonymous, we thank them for all their support. (This list is not complete so you might not see a few names here, it will be updated shortly.)

Monetary Contributions: Kapil, Dhawan, (Gurgaon, Haryana) | Mr. Sujoy Mukherjee,Lucknow, Mr. Vivek Verma | Mr. Anil Aneja (HOD, SOL, Delhi University) | Jignesh Parikh (Gandhi Nagar, Gujrat) | Akesh Soni (Noida, U.P.)

Logo & Woolen Cloth Donation poster design: Grace Oris, Philipines

Blog Design: Shri Afzal Khan,Bhopal  and Shri Vikas Nagale, Bhopal | Blog Content: Ms. Radhika,Mumbai

Our Website (Under Construction) and Fund Raising Poster: Mr. Vipin Sharma (IT Genie Group), New Delhi

Poster - Grain Bank: Niharika Mishra,Kolkata

Donate bicycle campaign Logo: Neil Dantas, Mumbai

Fund Raising Volunteer: Ayushi Baranwal, New Delhi

Special Mention: 
1. Ms. Mamta Singh, Qatar: She gave us stationary for our grain school and sweaters for Anganwadi Children. Apart from this she has been a constant moral support and guided us from time to time. 
2. Mr. Pranay Dewan, Ludhiyana, Punjab: For sending us 20 brand new cardigans for women of Grain School.
3.Ms. Mitali Chatterjee,Bhopal for donating 16 new brand blankets for the needy people of village Mahabadiya,near Bhopal 

Bicycle donors:
1. Shri Abhay Karkare, Bhopal | 2. Smt. Usha Shrivastava, Bhopal | 3. Shri Ramesh Kumar, Bhopal | 4.Shri Rishi raj Singh, Bhopal | 5.Shri N.S.Sengar, Bhopal | 6.ShriHimanshu Sukhani, Bhopal | 7.Shri Prem Narayan, Bhopal | 8.Shri Sanchit Verma, Bhopal | 9.Shri S.K.Singh, Bhopal | 10.Shri Murarilal Sharma, Bhopal | 11.Shri Raj Verma, Bhopal | 12.Shri Rajesh Tomar, Bhopal |13.Shri I.A.Qureshi, Bhopal | 14.Shri Rohit K.Dubey, Bhopal |15.Shri Madhav Rao, Bhopal | 16.Col. K.K.Bora,Bhopal ( Assam) | 17.Shri H.G.Obhrai, Bhopal |18.Shri Ananad Tahanguriya, Bhopal |19.Smt. Rajani Singh, Bhopal | 20.Shri Indrajit Mukherjee, Bhopal | 21.Shri M.L.Vijay, Bhopal | 22.Shi Akhilesh Jain, Bhopal | 23.Shri Aditya Kumar Singh, Bhopal | 24.Shri Pramod Paradkar, Bhopal | 25.Shri Akshat Pethiya, Bhopal | 26.Shri Sanjay Patahak, Bhopal | 27.Shri G.B.Pillai, Bhopal | 28.Shri Virendra Thakkar, Bhopal | 29.Shri Yogesh V.Gokhale, Bhopal | 30.Shri O.D.Joseph, Bhopal | 31.Shri C.M.Joseph, Bhopal | 32.Shri Gopal Shukla, Bhopal | 33.Shri Manuel Joseph, Bhopal | 34.Shri Paul P.George, Bhopal | 35.Shri S.K.Muley, Bhopal |
36.Shri Lokman Kushwaha | 37.NKS Group, Bhopal | 38.Shri Virendra Thakkar, Bhopal | 39.Smt.Sunita Jindal,Bhopal | 40.Shri Tarun Kaushik,Bhopal | 41.Shri J.S.Makkar,Bhopal

Cloth donation:
1.Shri Dipak Aswani, Bhopal | 2.Shri R.M.Jain, Bhopal | 3.Shri R.P.Singh, Bhopal | 4.Smt. Hemlata Okhle, Bhopal | 5.Smt. Sushila Gupta, Bhopal | 6.Shri Bhaskar Verma, Bhopal | 7.Shri Ramesh Thakur, Bhopal
8.Smt.Shumayala Khan, Bhopal | 9.Shri Surendra Singh, Bisht. | 10.Shri K.K.Rai, Bhopal | 11.Shri R.P.Singh, Bhopal | 12.Shri Ajaya Vyas, Bhopal | 13.Shri Neerendra Singh, Bhopal | 14.Smt. Bhavana Shrivastava, Bhopal | 15.Shri A.K.Agrawal, Bhopal | 15.Shri Raj Kushwaha, Bhopal | 16. Smt.Shikha Patidar, Bhopal | 17. Miss Paoni Patidar, Bhopal | 18.Dr.Rashmi Jha, Bhopal | 19.Shri Utkarsh Singh, Bhopal
20.Shri Ravindar Bagh, Bhopal | 21.Smt. Rama Kushwaha, Bhopal | 22.Shri Nirmal Singh, Bhopal
23.Smt. Dikhsa Seth, Bhopal | 24.Smt. Richa Raghuvanshi, Bhopal | 25.Dr. Nibha Jacob, Bhopal
26.Shri K.K.Bandwar, Bhopal | 27.Shri Prasad Dhavale, Bhopal | 28.Smt. Shilpa Uttamachnadani, Bhopal
29.Shri Rakesh Kumar, Bhopal | 30.Shri Raj Kushwaha, Bhopal | 31. Ms. Sidra Siddiqui, New Delhi | 32. Ms. Natasha Kukroo, New Delhi | 33. Ms. Manisha Rawat, New Delhi | 34. Ms. Abha Gupta, New Delhi | 35. Ms. Karuna Rai, New Delhi | 36. Ms. Babita, New Delhi | 37. Mr. Gunjan Nathani, New Delhi | 38. Mr. Mohsin Rafi, New Delhi | 39. Mr. Yashpal Khanna, New Delhi
Woolen Sweaters donation:
1.Ms Chitra Khanna,Bhopal  2.Hemish Purushottam,Hyderabad 3.Tau Ke bole,Bangalore
Our Supporters in Media
1.Shri N.K.Singh,Resident Editior,Hindustan Times,Bhopal |
2.Ms. Sravani Sarkar,Correspondent,Hindutstan Times,Bhopal
3.Shri Ravindra Bhajni,Bhopal,Peoples ,Samachar,Bhopal
4.Ms. Sharbani Banerjee,People's Samachar,Bhopal
5.Shri Pankaj Shukla,Correspondent,Dainik Nai Duniya,Bhopal
6.Shri S.Niyaji,Rediffmail.com,Bhopal
7.Shri Shubhojit Goswami,Associated with a news portal,Kolkata
8.Shri Ashish Choubey,P-7,News Channel,Bhopal.


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