1st test of Grain School women

Above are the few photographs of Grain School women who had their 1st test examination on 29.05.11.They have been learning Hindi writing and reading and Atithemetic since November 2011.All of them were excited for the test.In all 16 women appeared in the 1st test held yesterday.The test was an attempt to assess what they have learned and also an assesment for us that where we need to improve while teaching them further.This test was further  aimed to boost thier morale.All of these women have never been to school earlier.Support them and wish them good luck please so that they could progress  further and could be self reliant and edcuated up to some extent.They are  living a very tuff life,working as daily wage labourer.But they have proved that they are very good learner in spite of all odds in their day to day life.To know further about Grain School please visit our earlier posts and also web site http//ahambhumika.org  

Grain Distribution to women of Grain School

Above are the photographs of Grain distribution  made on 22.05.11 and ongoing  Grain school class after Grain distribution. 20 women of grain school were distributed Grain as an incentive of attending basic literacy classes regularly.For further  details of Grain School initiative please visit our site http://ahambhumika.org or an earlier  post on this blog namely  why strat  a Grain School  ?
Noteworhty to mention here is that  our Grain School initiative is not funded by Government or Corporate.This whole initiative is being run with the help of individual contribution.At present we are supported by one of our well wisher Mr. Kapil Dhawan.He has been  sponsoring  the Grain School for the last 4 months.We are obliged to him.
These women shown above works as daily wage labourer in birck kilns,construction sites and stone quarries.For them life is no doubt very tuff but despite all odds they are attending basic litercay classes regulalrly  and are good learner.We are proud of them.All of them had never been to school during their childhood and at present after constant reading and writing since last 6 months most of them could now read and  write in Hindi.Moreover few of them have learnt tables up to 12.Its a great achievement for them and for us too. 
We are brain storming to have some sort of vocational training for them so that they could earn in a respectable manner.If you have any idea/suggestion please mail us or call us.We shall be obliged to you for this. 

Photo exhibition on Rural India

                                            Visitors viewing photo exhibition on Rural India
                                             07.05.2011Swaraj Bhwan,Bhopal
                                            Mrs. Anuradha Shamakar Singh,IG,Special Operations,
                                            Bhopal,Special Guest viewing the exhibition
                                            Grain School women with Mrs. Anuradha Shankar Singh
                                            Writring on visitors book Mrs. Anurdha Shankar Singh
                                            Rahul Nayak,Volunteer Ahambhumika,who shouldered the
                                            responsibilty of   Photo exhibition
                                                         Grain School women viewing the exhibition
                                           Grain School women during exhibition
                                           Inaguration of exhibition by Mrs. Anuradha Shankar Singh &
                                            Padmashri Waman Thakre,eminent photographer
                                            Visitors during photo exhibition on Rural India 
                                            Visitors viewing exhibition
                                           Mrs. Mitali and Shreya,Bhopal  supporter of Ahambhumika