Photo exhibition on Rural India

                                            Visitors viewing photo exhibition on Rural India
                                             07.05.2011Swaraj Bhwan,Bhopal
                                            Mrs. Anuradha Shamakar Singh,IG,Special Operations,
                                            Bhopal,Special Guest viewing the exhibition
                                            Grain School women with Mrs. Anuradha Shankar Singh
                                            Writring on visitors book Mrs. Anurdha Shankar Singh
                                            Rahul Nayak,Volunteer Ahambhumika,who shouldered the
                                            responsibilty of   Photo exhibition
                                                         Grain School women viewing the exhibition
                                           Grain School women during exhibition
                                           Inaguration of exhibition by Mrs. Anuradha Shankar Singh &
                                            Padmashri Waman Thakre,eminent photographer
                                            Visitors during photo exhibition on Rural India 
                                            Visitors viewing exhibition
                                           Mrs. Mitali and Shreya,Bhopal  supporter of Ahambhumika


Anonymous said...

Anuradha shankarji as my accidently / coincidently all time favourite,Guide for lifetime Going to play a Real "AHAM-BHUMIKA" for our Nation/Humanity.
Iwish her all the best.

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