Contribute to renovate "Mehak "

We are happy to announce that Aham Bhumika has got the status Under section 80-G of Income Tax Act wherein all  donations are Tax Exempted u/s 80-G of IT Act .Please make sure that the transfer is done via an Indian Bank only. 

With this good news we are going to announce that we are making more effort to to strengthen our base and for which we need your support.

Contribute to renovate Mehak: As you know Mehak is our support centre for rural children in a village (Village Borda )  on outskirts of Bhopal. We provide edcuational support to 80 rural children at "Mehak".We have two rooms here the height of which are  to be increased .Due to  low height and lack of windows there is lack of natural light in the room .Further the room walls of inner side are to be painted and outer walls are to be pleastered and  painted.Once this is done we willl take up next things like provision of benches for our chlidren.(Attaching image 1 to have a glimpse of the room condition )  

Besides above we have an activity centre where we teach rural girls and women Embroidery as well as Art and craft . This room is half contructed so far and its construction stoppped due to lack of fund. (Attaching image 2 showing  half constructed room & outer wall of existing rooms of "Mehak").

To take up the above works we need your support . An estimated amount of Rs.2,00,000=00 (Rupees two  lacs ) is required for the same. In view of above you are requested to contribute any amount convenient to you. 

Shall be highly obliged to you for this. 
People interested to contribute may mail ---->

Help us further by spreading words about this inititaive  to the like  minded people you know.