An effort to spread the Fragrance of Education through Mahak

An effort to spread the Fragrance of Education through Mahak

- Guest Post By Niharika Mishra

Jawaharlal Nehru had once said-"Educate a man and you educate one person. Educate a woman and you educate the whole family."

Female Education in India is not a gift of modern civilization. In olden days women excelled in the sphere of education and hence the goddess of learning was conceived of as a female who was popularly known as “Saraswati”, which is followed even today. However in earlier days, the traditional value of girl education in India was to enable her to be more competent in running the household, especially motherhood and to be able to give children a better upbringing. Nowadays when it is becoming more and more vital for women to be at par with men, education of women makes available to the country a wealth of capacity that is now largely wasted through lack of opportunity. This will result in fuller and effective utilization of human resources and raising the standard of living.

But inspite of such progressive approaches, there are many reasons female education never gets the importance it deserves like, Gender based Inequality, Occupation of Girls as cheap Domestic Help, parents' fear of physical Exploitation or abuse at schools.

Hence some extra effort is needed to encourage girls to get educated, especially from the poorer section of the society. Mahak is one such initiative by Ahambhumika.

Mahak is the name of a voluntary non-profit education institute set-up by Ahambhumika to facilitate education the daughters of labourers of the village of Mahabadia, Bhopal. Many may raise a question that why such a favor is just being done to the girls. The answer is that Mahak is an extra effort meant to assist educating girls in the rural areas where their education usual takes a backseat for more reasons than one.

At Mahak we are making basic efforts to spread literacy among the daughters of the labourers of Mahabadia, who otherwise would've never been able to go to school. Usually such girls are supposed to take care of the house when their parents are off to work at younger age and join their parents in their labour to earn an extra penny when they get older.

We began by trying to convince the parents about the benefits of educating their daughter and how it would help them in housework as well as their labour in future. We explained how they'll be able to demand a better pay for their labour if they are educated enough. After much persuasion most of them agreed to send their daughters to our school for a short period of two hours everyday from 3:00 pm to 5:00pm.

With an initial start-off of 22 girls from the age group of 5 to 12, Mahak has been a decent success till now. We have started with teaching them reading and writing Hindi and basic Arithmetic and hope to progress in this as well. Shortly we will also start drawing and painting activity to make these imitative child friendly.

The initiative is run all by us without any major sponsorship. Hence any help assisting us in enhancing the amount of education we are providing right now to the girls will be really helpful. Currently our basic requirements comprise of dresses, stationery and drawing materials like notebooks, pencils, wax colours, drawing books, drawing copies for writing and drawing.

Any little help from you will help us give the girls a better future with the help of education.

You can send your donations to

Subrat Goswami


C/o Archaeological Survey, G.T.B. Complex- Block,4th Floor,

T.T .Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh,




The details of our banking profile are as follows:



Account No.: 2073101015874

IFSC Code: CNRB0002073

Please draw your Cheques/Demand Drafts in favour of


and send them to us by post on the above mentioned address.

Important: If you're doing a online transfer to our account, please send us an email on with your address and donation amount, so that we can send you the receipt.
The photographs of MAHAK are posted above.

Mahak- an education centre for girl child of stone crushers in a village near Bhopal

These are the photographs of  “Mahak” ( Flavour).An education centre started by us for the girl child of stone crushers of a villagenamely Mahabadia near Bhopal. These girl child have never been to school and they look after the household work after their parents are off to the field. We are providing them initially basic education of reading and writing Hindi and  Artihmetic.These education centre started functioning from 11.12.2011.We also intend to add some interesting activities like doll making,art and craft etc.shortly.  The main thought behind these initiative to make these girl child literate. I am not a writer at all but I can not restrain myself from expressing  my happiness after starting this intitaive.We had a lot of discussion with the parents of these girl child to send them to this education centre for a period of 2 hours from 3.00 to 5.00 PM every day .The age group of these girl child is 5 to 12 years and at present 22 girl child have joined.Ahambhumika will provide them stationery materials, bags ,books and footwear’s. Shortly we will also provide them sweaters and dresses, skipping ropes and , few other games . And these  whole initiative is not at all funded by any Corporate or government.  This is all due to support of you people. You may further support us by spreading words. Mail us at if you have any query or you wish to support our this small initiative.  
Subrat Goswami
Founder & Volunteer