New ... New .... New clothes & new books

29th October 2011 was a memeorable day for us. On this date we distributed new clothes to children of primary school of village Bodakho.Though to few.These clothes were sent to us by generous people from Delhi and Indore.On the same day we also distributed Drawing books sent to us by the people by courier.I have posted few photographs above. Hope you will enjoy.Visit our previous posts for our activities.Visit our site Mail us at if you have any query or you want to support.  

How long we could keep continue the endeavours of Ahambhumika ?

Last 2 days were the days of introspection for me during brief period of illness. It gave me plenty of time to think and re-think on why sould have endeavour like Ahambhumika ? The simple answer was that because we are privileged and could contribute something to the underprivileged people of the society. But the question which constantly haunted me was that how long we could continue like this, asking people to donate? Still thinking on it !!!

Let us go back for a while.Ahambhumika, an NGO comprising of few like minded people in Bhopal was formed in the year 2007.We started with the collection of clothes during Kosi flood in Bihar and later on we kept continue this initiative and added collection of toys,books etc. . The clothes, toys,books thus collected were provided to the school children of rural villages . The scenario of rural India is undoubtedly shocking. Still there are no roads, electricity, drinking water and many more essentials required for the day to day life. The school children of the rural villages which we unearthed won’t have even proper clothes. They wear torn and shabby clothes.We begin to provide them clothes from time to time. Because people donate clothes in plenty. We even collected clothes door to door carrying them on our motor cycles from one end of the city to another. Later on we made collection campaign of clothes and during sorting we found that people have even donated their used undergarments ,which are of no use at all. Many people joined us in last three + years of journey while many left us. How long people could remain associated with us by spending their own fuel and time ? But that is a different issue, we with few handful of people are still making efforts. We raised some fund through social networking sites to keep continue our initiatives. Spent many sleepless nights preparing posts to donate, spent plenty of time on Twitter repeatedly tweeting to donate us, support us .Many followers unfollowed us due to this while on the other hand many extended their constant support with cash and kind to us. I am obliged to all for this.

But nothing much has been changed till date. We have not been able to provide sufficient clothes to the children of the schools we have selected .But still efforts are on. I don’t know how much we will succeed but the determination has never been lacking with me. I know the road I have chosen is tuff. After spending due to time my office where I am working to earn bread for my family, keep continue the initiatives of Ahambhumkia is nevertheless tough but there is no way out. I can not leave the rural children of the schools, whom we have chosen to provide clothes, on the mercy of god to whom nobody of us has seen. Will share more about us in the times to come. At the end of this post I will request you once again to support us.Visit us for our various efforts made by us since our inception. Do spread words about us. Support us. Mail us if you want to support us at :
Subrat Goswami
Founder & Volunteer

I have posted above  few photographs of the children of a primary school of a village Bodakho,distt.Bhopal to whom we are supporting constantly .Can not you extend your support to this kids ?