Grain Distribution

                                                 "GRAIN SCHOOL"
Distributed Grain today to the women in lieu of attending literacy classes.This was the 1st distribution. Altogather 4.40 Quintals of Grain was distributed to 19 women while 2 aged widows too were provided Grain.Each one was given 20 kg of wheat.We were fortunate enough as   this occassion was witnessed by our friends & IT professionals Ashutosh & Mridula.Mridula (See in photograph above)even gave useful  tips for learning.
   Any one may support this initiative.We need financial support to run  more  Grain Schools for the underpriviledged rural women and adolescent girls.Any one desires to contribute finacially may mail us as at

Grain School - An initiative to make underpriviledged literate

These are the photographs of underpriviledged women of  village Mahabadia,distt.Bhopal.Most of them are working as a construction labourer.All of them are illitertate and 19 in number.They are being taught Hindi writing and reading by "Ahambhumika".In lieu of attending evening lieteracy classes they are provided wheat,rice & pulses.These grain was collected by us from generous people,school children of Bhopal.We have a stock of grain for 3 months.
        There are many more women/adolescent girls  who wants to join literacy classes.These poverty stricken people could be supported by providing grain alongwith the education.Support us so that we could scale up this work.

Distribution of books to tribal school children

20.11.10.The tribal children were delighted when 40 story books in easy Hindi  were provided to them.We are thankful to Pratham Books,Bangalore for  sending us these beautifully books as a  gift to the children of village Bodakho,distt.Bhopal.The books designed beautifully were appreciated by everyone .Even the teacher could not stop their anxiety and begin reading these books.Ahambhumika is obliged to Pratham Books for their support. 

Distribution of clothes to Anganwadi Children,Borda,distt.Bhopal

14.11.10.Distribution of clothes was made to the Anganwadi children of village Borda,Kolar Road,Bhopal.Find above few pictures of today's cloth distribution.Few needy women  of the village asked us for the Sarees.Unfortunately we won't have.
We have begin approching people to donate sarees.Support us by spreading message.


Distribution of clothes to the children,aged widows & women of village Mahabadia on 07.11.10.They are more happy to have the used clothes than our children,women used to be, after having new clothes.We need sponsor to bear the cost of transportation charges.Support us,spread message about this initiative which is operational since last 3 years without any funding from any one.    

Distribution of Grain

Distribution of Grain begin from today i.e.06.11.10.Two aged widows of village Mahabadia,distt.Bhopal were distributed wheat,rice & pulses.They were delighted to have the grain.We are thankful to the school children of Bhopal for contributing grain to us generously.During forthcoming days you will  see more activities  related to Grain on our blog.