Free Health Check up Camp at Village Kalapani by Ahambhumika

A free health check up camp at village Kalapani, Kolar Road, Bhopal was organized by Aham Bhumika on 06th September’09 from 10.00 A.M. Dr.Amit Agrawal MBBS, DCH, Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatology’s rendered his free services to the beneficiaries. The camp was mainly focused on the children. Free medicines were also provided to the patients. Mothers were briefed about the importance of the colostrum breast feeding and home based nutrition to save the child from malnutrition.

Below are few of photographs from Free Health Checkup Camp at Village Kalapani

Distribution of Clothes & Toys in Bhopal on 05th September, 2009 by Aham Bhumika

In continuation to its efforts to make the Anganwadi centers child – friendly, Aham Bhumika an NGO of Bhopal distributed clothes & toys to the kids of the Anganwadi Centre, Village Kalapani, Bhopal. The President of the NGO Subrat Goswami stated that the condition’s of the children of this village is very worst as their parents earn hand to mouth after crushing the stones. By providing clothes and toys etc. The NGO aims to attract more children to regularly attend the Anganwadi(Integrated Child Development Service Centres ) and increase their retention time in the Anganwadi. With this the problem of malnutrition could also be arrested up to some extent. During 15th August’09 the NGO had distributed small bicycles to this Anganwadi for the children to make the environment of the Anganwadi healthy. The NGO has requested the people to contribute clothes, toys etc to make the Anganwadi centers child friendly.

Interested people can launch collection drive of clothes and toys in their locality which is abundant in every house and may provide it to NGO for distribution. For this the NGO will provide pamphlets etc to the aspiring people.

Interested person may contact Subrat Goswami on his mobile number 98264-72718 or may e-mail to

Subrat Goswami
Aham Bhumika
458 – B Sector
Kolar Road, Bhopal
(M) - 9826472718

Aham Bhumika Launches Donate Bi-Cycle Campaign - II Phase

Aham Bhumika Launches Donate Bi-Cycle Campaign - Be a part of this Mission, help & contribute to transform life of Children today!

Aham Bhumika,  NGO based in Bhopal has launched 2nd phase of it’s donate bi-cycle campaign. During our 1st phase the NGO had collected 38 bicycles including 16 small bicycles. The small bicycles were provided to the Anganwadi Centers to make the child attending anganwadi centers friendly, while 22 bicycles were distributed to the student of Government Middle School, Kajalikhera, Kolar Road, Bhopal who have to walk long distances to attend the school. 
The distribution was made on 15th August ’09.

Countless bicycles are lying unused in every apartment and colonies, these bicycles lying un-cared, getting rusted and thus accumulating heap of dust. If donated the same bicycle can help in transforming life of a student who could not continue his study as his school is far away from his village's.

By spending few rupees much value could be added in to the rusted, unutilized bicycles .The NGO is doing the said job. It collects bicycle from the aspiring people who wish to donate un-used or new bi-cycles .The bicycles are than repaired by the NGO and distributed to the village children who  attends the school by walking long distances. 

During the 2nd phase of campaign NGO has set the target of collecting at least 50 bicycles both big and small, all new and old bi-cycles.

The bicycles collected during 2nd phase of “Donate Old Bicycle Campaign” will be distributed on 26th January 2010 in the presence of the donors.

The NGO has requested more people to join this campaign. Any one who wishes to donate bicycle may contact Subrat - 9826472718, Yogesh - 9826492924 or Mukul -9826052852 or get in touch with us via e-mail at

Subrat Goswami
Prog. Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika,
458–B Sector,
Kolar Road, Bhopal, M.P