We have experienced that there is urgent need of clothes in the villages particularly for the childrenS. For this we need to establish collection centers in different parts of Bhopal where people could drop the clothes etc. Collection of clothes from the people individually is not possible.
At present there are two collection centers in Bhopal

1.Saraswati Collections, Geet Bungalow, Phase – 4 , Ayodhya Nagar , Bhopal Contact person Mr. Ranjan Singh (M) 99933 65612.

2.458 – B Sector , Sarvadharam Colony , Kolar Road , Bhopal
Contact person Mr. Subrat Goswami (M) 98264 72718.

We need to establish collection centers in Arera Colony , Idgah Hills , Bairagarh, Saket nagar , Shakti Nagar and Hoshangabad road area . Any one who can establish collection centre voluntarily in his area is welcome.


We have observed that in the rural areas the five days of menstruation are the worst nightmare if she has no piece of cloth. We are planning to convert un-wearable cotton cloth in to simple sanitary pads. For this we require cotton clothes in huge quantity.
For the wider publicity and participation of the common people in this venture it is our sincere request to you to please forward our this e-mail message to atleast 20 people with whom you are in touch.
Besides clothes people are advised to contribute magazines, story books, utensils, newspaper, carom boards ,toys, bicycle etc.


Since our organization is working without any funding weare collecting old / used things from the people which they have discarded but are useful for us .
We require following material at present

1. Computers (Old but workable for our office use and to make rural
children computer friendly )

2. Washing machines (Old but workable to wash cotton clothes to
prepare sanitary napkins )

3. Sewing machines ( For repairing the clothes and also to give them to
the needy village women after assessing their need to make them
self sustainable )

4. Mobile Phones (Old but workable for our volunteers who live in
the villages to be in touch with them )

5. Designer who could design posters for us voluntarily

We further once again request you to forward this message to all of your near and dears.
For any query you may contact the undersigned.
With regards

Subrat Goswami
Programme Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 – B Sector
Sarvadharm Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal
(M) 98264 72718


Find attached photographs of distribution of clothes to the children of Village Mahabadia, Kolar Road, Bhopal on 14.11.09. The clothes were received during the joy of giving week.


We will keep continue the process of distribution of clothes to the needy. 

Donate old bicycle campaign by Aham Bhumika Bhopal 2nd phase

Donate Old Bicycle Campaign Bhopal - 2nd Phase

You might have observed that countless bicycles are lying unutilized,getting rusted in every apartment & colony. By spending few rupees these bicycles could be brought back to good working condition and the same may transform the life of a village children who has to walk long distances to attend the school . In view of this Aham Bhumika,an NGO of Bhopal has launched a donate old bicycle campaign in Bhopal. The main objective of this campaign is to encourage people to donate the old bicycles of their children which are lying unutilized & are getting rusted .The NGO will repair these bicycles and will give them to the children of a village so that they can   attend school regularly.

During 1st Phase the beneficiaries were :
During the 1st phase of campaign the bicycles received were distributed to the children of  "Government Middle School , Kalapani , Panchayat  Kajalikhera , Kolar Road ,  Bhopal".

The children belong to very poor class and most of  the parents are daily wage labourers / stone crushers.  

NGO had collected 38 bicycles out of which 16 were small bicycles which were given to Anaganwadi children while 22 bicycles were provided to the school going children   .Theses bicycles were repaired by the NGO and were distributed on 15th August ’09  Government Middle School , Kajalikhera ,Panchayat Kalapani , Kolar Road , Bhopal. amidst the presence of many of the bicycle donors . 
 Any one who want to donate his bicycle may call on  Subrat Goswami on his cell number 9826472718 or may E mail to

On receipt of information the members of the NGO will collect the bicycle from the doorsteps of the   aspiring donor .

How you can help us : Any one who  wish to join this campaign can help us in the  following manner :

  1.  By donating his  /her  old    bicycle .
  2.  By encouraging  his /her near  & dears to donate the old    bicycle .
  3.  By spreading our message to  friends &      relatives .
  4.  By providing space to our A- 3 size poster in the  office , shop & at the back of  four wheeler for the wider publicity of this campaign.
  5.  By arranging bicycle collection campaign in his/her   locality.

How the donor will be benefited :During  distribution the donors will be informed well in advance so that   ,the donors,  themselves can donate their bicycle to the needy children . The details of the recipient of the bicycles will be provided to the donors after distribution.

In the blog  the names of the donors will be posted .

Subrat Goswami
Programme  Co –ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 – B sector
Sarvadharam Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal 
(M) 9826472718


Dear all ,
Find few more photographs of distribution of clothes collected during the joy of giving week.
These pictures belog to the children of the village Borda located On Kolar Road.
The impact of the clothes could be very well viewed from the picture of Sonu .
The 1st picture is  of Sonu and 2nd one is of the same Sonu after he wore the clothes provided by ALL OF you people to these childrens.
During our 1st distribution on 07.11.09 nearly 5o children of the said Anaganwadi recevied the clothes contibuted by you.
Our next distribution is planned for 14th November 09( Saturday ) in village Mahabadia located on Kolar road comencing from 10.00 AM.
Any one amongst you wish to join us duirng the said distribution is welcome. we used to do it in simplest way.You can help us during distribution and also could see the utility of the clothes donated by you.
We are also going to launch our donate old bicycle camapign.
Please visit our blog



With regards
Subrat Goswami
Prog. Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 - B  Sector
Sarvadharm Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal
(M) 9826472718

Few More Photographs..........


Thanks Bhopal

We are very thankful to the people of Bhopal for extending their tremendous co-operation to us during the "joy of giving week".Your good wishes and support has made this campaign a grand success. We are looking ahead for your continuous support and good wishes.
Below are some pictures of Joy Of Giving Week in bhopal.

Free Health Check up Camp at Village Kalapani by Ahambhumika

A free health check up camp at village Kalapani, Kolar Road, Bhopal was organized by Aham Bhumika on 06th September’09 from 10.00 A.M. Dr.Amit Agrawal MBBS, DCH, Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatology’s rendered his free services to the beneficiaries. The camp was mainly focused on the children. Free medicines were also provided to the patients. Mothers were briefed about the importance of the colostrum breast feeding and home based nutrition to save the child from malnutrition.

Below are few of photographs from Free Health Checkup Camp at Village Kalapani

Distribution of Clothes & Toys in Bhopal on 05th September, 2009 by Aham Bhumika

In continuation to its efforts to make the Anganwadi centers child – friendly, Aham Bhumika an NGO of Bhopal distributed clothes & toys to the kids of the Anganwadi Centre, Village Kalapani, Bhopal. The President of the NGO Subrat Goswami stated that the condition’s of the children of this village is very worst as their parents earn hand to mouth after crushing the stones. By providing clothes and toys etc. The NGO aims to attract more children to regularly attend the Anganwadi(Integrated Child Development Service Centres ) and increase their retention time in the Anganwadi. With this the problem of malnutrition could also be arrested up to some extent. During 15th August’09 the NGO had distributed small bicycles to this Anganwadi for the children to make the environment of the Anganwadi healthy. The NGO has requested the people to contribute clothes, toys etc to make the Anganwadi centers child friendly.

Interested people can launch collection drive of clothes and toys in their locality which is abundant in every house and may provide it to NGO for distribution. For this the NGO will provide pamphlets etc to the aspiring people.

Interested person may contact Subrat Goswami on his mobile number 98264-72718 or may e-mail to

Subrat Goswami
Aham Bhumika
458 – B Sector
Kolar Road, Bhopal
(M) - 9826472718

Aham Bhumika Launches Donate Bi-Cycle Campaign - II Phase

Aham Bhumika Launches Donate Bi-Cycle Campaign - Be a part of this Mission, help & contribute to transform life of Children today!

Aham Bhumika,  NGO based in Bhopal has launched 2nd phase of it’s donate bi-cycle campaign. During our 1st phase the NGO had collected 38 bicycles including 16 small bicycles. The small bicycles were provided to the Anganwadi Centers to make the child attending anganwadi centers friendly, while 22 bicycles were distributed to the student of Government Middle School, Kajalikhera, Kolar Road, Bhopal who have to walk long distances to attend the school. 
The distribution was made on 15th August ’09.

Countless bicycles are lying unused in every apartment and colonies, these bicycles lying un-cared, getting rusted and thus accumulating heap of dust. If donated the same bicycle can help in transforming life of a student who could not continue his study as his school is far away from his village's.

By spending few rupees much value could be added in to the rusted, unutilized bicycles .The NGO is doing the said job. It collects bicycle from the aspiring people who wish to donate un-used or new bi-cycles .The bicycles are than repaired by the NGO and distributed to the village children who  attends the school by walking long distances. 

During the 2nd phase of campaign NGO has set the target of collecting at least 50 bicycles both big and small, all new and old bi-cycles.

The bicycles collected during 2nd phase of “Donate Old Bicycle Campaign” will be distributed on 26th January 2010 in the presence of the donors.

The NGO has requested more people to join this campaign. Any one who wishes to donate bicycle may contact Subrat - 9826472718, Yogesh - 9826492924 or Mukul -9826052852 or get in touch with us via e-mail at

Subrat Goswami
Prog. Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika,
458–B Sector,
Kolar Road, Bhopal, M.P

Collection campaign for the clothes & toys

Material Collected Recently
Friends, few more generous people have contributed clothes & toys for the Anganwadi kids .The material contributed is being sorted out age wise before distribution.We are thankful to you all. As this is an ongoing campaign you are requested to keep up the good work. Few more photographs of the anganwadi kids & the material collected are posted here. You may also organize collection campaign in your campus / apartment.

If you have any query please call on Subrat 9826472718 , Yogesh 9826492924 or Mukul 9826052852 or e-mail to

We collect clothes & toys for distributing the same to Anganwadi kids to make the Anganwadi centers child - friendly. We would be more grateful to you if you could deliver the material at our collection center. These are our few collection centers, where too you can handover the material:-

(i) 458 - B Sector, Sarvadharm Colony,Kolar Road , Bhopal .
(ii) Matratava Medical Store, Main Road, 280, B- Sector ,Kolar Road, Bhopal.
(iii) Saraswati Traders, Geet Bunglow Phase II , Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal.
(iv) J.K. Ply Palace, Hamidia Road, Near Bus Stand, Bhopal.

We need more people to join this campaign. You can collect the material from your locality and keep it in some place of your house / office/ community center etc. For this publicity material will be provided by us. When you feel that the material collected is enough you can sent it to our sorting or collection centers.

Bicycle Bank by Aham Bhumika


Friends, after successful distribution of the bicycles collected during the 1stphase of donate old bicycle campaign, Aham Bhumika has launched 2nd phase of “Donate old bicycle campaign” in Bhopal. During 1st phase we had collected 38 bicycles .On 15th August 2009 , out of which 22 bicycles were distributed to the student of the Government Middle School ,Village Kajalikhera , Kolar Road , Bhopal while 16 small bicycles were distributed to the 4 different Anganwadi centres to make them child friendly. For further detail and photographs please visit our blog

"We are now going to form a “ bicycle bank “where the bicycles will be kept after collection and there repair work will be taken up."

Applications will be invited from the students of such villages where they have to walk long distances to attend the school. The applications received would be scrutinized and a need assessment of each applicant will be carried out .After verifying the details in person the bicycles will be distributed to the needy children initially for 1 year .The performance of the children will be evaluated .If the performance and attendance to the school is found dissatisfactory the bicycles would be taken back & will be provided to another needy student after necessary repair work. Once the bicycle is handed over to the student it would be his responsibility to maintain it and to attend school regularly .

"The distribution of bicycles collected during 2nd phase will be made on 26th January 2010."
During 2nd phase our aim is to collect at least 50 bicycles both big and small . Small bicycles will be distributed to the Anganwadi kids to make the Anganwadi Centres child friendly.
Please donate your old bicycle and also encourage your near & dears to donate their old bicycle . On receipt of the information the bicycle will be collected by our volunteers. Please call Mr. Subrat Goswami – 9826472718 ,Mr. Mukul Indurakshya - 9826052852 , Mr. Yogesh Vaidya – 9826492914 or e-mail to

The name of the bicycle donors will be posted on the blog 

We have two collection centres one is in Ayodhya Nagar & second is  at Kolar Road where aspiring donor may deposit their old bicycle after filling up the donation form .
And believe 

Subrat Goswami
Programme Co –ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 – B Sector ,
Sarvadharam Colony ,
Kolar Road , Bhopal
(M) 9826472718

Bicycles distributed on 15.08.09

Friends , on the eve of independence day the bicycles collected during donate old bicycle campaign were distributed to the children of Government Middle School , Village Kajalikhera , Kolar Road, Bhopal. Few photgraphs are posted here .22 biycles were given to school children while 16 small bicycles were provided to the Anganwadi Centre to make them child friendly


Few photographs of the bicycles collected

Few photographs of the bicycles collected during  "Donate old bicycle campaign"  are being posted here .This campaign has received good response from the people of Bhopal.Keeping this in view we have decided to keep it continue.
Onwards we will make distribution of bicycles to the needy village children twice in a year ,on 15th August & 26th January .We hope that you will keep continue your support to us and will spread message to like minded people.
Fo any query please e-mail to


Bicycle distribution ceremony


458 – B SECTOR

Contact Persons To Donate the Bicycle 

(M ) 9826472718 Mr. Subrat Goswami
(M) 9826492924 Mr.Yogesh Vaidya
(M) 9826052852 Mr. Mukul Indurakshya

1.Shri Akhilesh Jain, South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
2. Shri Sanjay Patahk , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
3. Shri Abhay Karkare , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
4. Shri Aditya Kumar Singh , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
5. Shri Pramod Paradkar , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
6. Shri Akshat Pethiya , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
7. Smt. Usha Shrivastava , South Avenue Colony , E- 8 , Gulmohar, Bhopal .
8. Shri Ramesh Kumar , Vardhman Green valley , Khajuri, Bhopal.
9. Shri Rishi Raj Singh , Harshvardhan Nagar , Bhopal.
10. Shri N.S. Sengar , Vaishali Nagar , Bhopal.
11. Shri Himanshu Sukhwani , Saket Nagar , Bhopal.
12. Shri Prem Narayan , Near Sai Baba Mandir , Arera Colony, Bhopal.
13. Shri Sanchit Sharma , E- 7, Arera Colony , Bhopal.
14. Shri S.K. Singh , Kalpana Nagar , Bhopal.
15. Shri Raj Verma , A – Sector , Sarvadharam Colony , Bhopal.
16. Shri M.L.Vijay , Railway Colony , Bhopal (2 bicycles )
17. Shri M.L. Sharma , Beema Kunj , Kolar Road, Bhopal (2 bicycles)
18. Shri Gopal Shukla , Kanak Apartment , Kolar Road , Bhopal.
19. Shri R.P. Singh , Sheyadri Parisar , Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal.
20. Shri Anand Tehenguriya , Sheyadri Parisar , Bhopal.
21. Shri Rajesh Tomar , Shakti Nagar , Bhopal .
22. Shri Bhaskar Verma , A.G. Colony , Bhopal.
23. Shri Lokman Kushwaha , Bhopal Academy , Bhopal
24. Shri Lokendra Thakkar, Sahyadri Parisar , Bhopal
25. Col. K.K. Bora , Sultania Infantry Line , Hamid Enclave, Bhopal
26. Shri Indrajit Mukherjee , Kailash Nagar , Bhopal
27. Shri H.G. Obhrai , Arera Colony , Bhopal
28. Shri C.M. Joseph , Indus Empire , Trilanga , Bhopal
29. Yogesh V. Gokhale , NABARD Colony , Shahpura , Bhopal
30. Shri I.A.Quershi ,Idgah Hills , Bhopal
31. Rohit K.Dubey , Kotra Sultanabad ,Bhopal
32. Madhav Rao , Nehru Nagar , Bhopal
33. Shri G.B. Pillai, Palace Orchard , Kolar Road , Bhopal
34.Shri O.D. Joseph , Fortune Pride , Bhopal
35.Shri Manuel Joseph , Ashoka Enclave , Bhopal

We are thankful to our above donors who have donated their bicycle . The bicycles collected will be distributed on 15.08.09 to the children of Government Middle School , Village Kajalikhera , Kolar road , Bhopal at 9.30 AM .Any one who wish to join this distribution ceremony programme is welcome .

Small bicycles collected during the campaign will be provided to the Anganwadis ( Integrated child development centres ) to make them child friendly .

Please spread our message among like minded people.

Moments of joy

Dear friends , few more photographs of the Anganwadi centre at Village Kajalikhera , Kolar Road are posted . We had distributed clothes & toys here on 25.07.09 contributed by you.We are thankful to our supporters. We need more clothes & toys  for the Anagwadi. Spread our message and keep continue the collection .

Whenever you want to handover collected material,  please call us 
(Mr. Subrat - 9826472718, Mr. Mukul -9826052852 or Mr. Yogesh - 9826492924 )

You may also e-mail us at

You may launch collection campaign for the clothes & toys etc. in your locality ,apartment. Pamphlets & posters will be provided by us.
If you are a teacher/principal or administrator in urban school in that case you may provide us the opportunity of presenting our concept to your students .Every urban school could cater to the need of the village children to a great extent .The students of urban school discard many things after the end one session & even during the session.School bags uniforms ,bottles ,tiffin boxes, story books etc. discarded by the children of urban school could be channelised to the rural school. In that case you may contact us at


Photographs of the Anganwadi kids

You can see the impact of clothing . There are 70 kids in this Anganwadi .We need more clothes for this Anagnwadi. Efforts are on and few people have expressed thier willingness to collect clothes for this campaign.
Most essential thing which is required is chappals & shoes.Most of the kids comes bare foot. If you have shoes ,chappals for the kids that you can provide us .
Please keep continue the collection of clothes,toys etc. and spread our message to your near and dears . Whenever you feel that you have collect ed sufficient clothes ,toys etc. please call on Subrat Goswami on his cell no. 9826472718 or e-mail to