Volunteer to prepare 10 days module on Basics English & Computer

          Volunteer to prepare 10 days module on Basics English & Computer   

Ahambhumika is looking for the volunteers to develop a 10 days module comprising basics of English and Computer for rural school children studying in class VI and above.The module developed will be utilized during proposed 10 days summer camp to be held  in a village situated at the outskirts of Bhopal on Kolar Road, Bhopal during the month of May 2014. Both the modules will be of 2 hours each. The modules need to be develpoed and finalized on or before 10.05.14 .

1. The modules for both Basic English and Basic Computer will of 2 hours each.

2. The module for English need to have usage of words utilized in day to day life.The students will practice the words during the class and will also memorize the words once they are back home.

3. The students will be provided the print outs of the modules so that they can go through the same as and when required.
4. The modules need to be inter actiuve so that the rural children could enjoy the session.

We also need volunteers for the proposed summer camp preferably from Bhopal who will use the modules prepared as above.People interested to voluntarily prepare the module  may mail -----> ahambhumika@gmail.com

Donate old computer / laptop :   We are also looking for the people/ coroprates to donate used computers /laptops to establish regular computer edcuation  centre in village. 


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