Charity is a widely misconstrued term. A lot of people seem to think it’s only about sympathy and donation.
Some also happen to attach negative connotations to the term. Like when you hear someone yell “I don’t need your charity”; goes on to show that most of the time, it is associated with ‘throwing money away at something that catches your fancy’, maybe without expecting something in return.
                The literal meaning seems to have been forgotten. Charity is something more than just giving money. It is a benevolent, noble gesture. It is about sharing your blessings with the not-so-fortunate, telling them you care that they exist. Showing them that you are there to help and you will in some way contribute to make their life better.
It is the provision of constant encouragement and empowerment to the weak and destitute. It is about telling them, “Hey, you can make it. You are not limited by your circumstances. You have what it takes to make it,” by providing the necessary resources that will be adequate for them to achieve their goals and dreams.

In this day and age, most of that boils down to funding because all other activities need some sort of financial help. But sometimes, if you don’t have the financial upper hand, it does not have to be about money, it could be giving away what you know you don’t need but the others do. Or even a simple prayer. The world is a better place when you share and care. For everyone.  Including you.
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Support to initiate computer literacy for a village children

We all dread a world without education. Our liveshold little meaning if we’re not educated. No matter what we believe, education is vital and imperative for our survival.

With that said, not many village children get toexperience the joy of being educated. Something as simple as writing their own name is a pleasure they don’t always experience.

At Aham Bhumika, we’re trying to change the world,one girl child at a time. We teach girl children the basics of learning but they’re very bright and basics are just not enough. Although we are providing them basic education at our Literacy Centre, some of these girls are really brilliant  and deserve more.

Hence, we are trying to start a computer literacy programme for the girlchildren in Mahabadia village in the district of Bhopal. The parents of thesechildren are all daily wage workers at construction sites and don’t have the means to put them up for regular schooling.

All of us like to spend money on ourselves, whether its clothes, finedining or gadgets. All we ask from you this time, is to spend that money on some one else for once.

We are trying to raise 30000 rupees for the Computer programme. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, will be appreciated by us.

We know that you have your own life and commitments but  just once think about the girl in the village who awaits her turn to touch a computer. The touch could change her life for the better.

Remember, there is no greater happiness than the joy of giving!
Below are the photographs of the children for whom we are seeking support.

In case you are interested to support please mail us :

Here is how you can donate:
Online Bank Transfer:
You can do account transfer to our account :- AHAM BHUMIKA SWAYAM SEVI SANSTHA , SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874, IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, Bank - CANARA BANK, Branch - MAHARANA PRATAP NAGAR, BHOPAL

Important: If you're doing a online transfer to our account, please send us an email with your name, address and donation amount, so that we can send you the receipt .

Cheques/ DDs:
You can send your donations through account payable Cheques/ DDs in favor of – AHAM BHUMIKA SWAYAM SEVI SANSTHA, Payable at BHOPAL (M.P.)

NOTE :Please do not donate if you are from abroad or NRI,we can not accept donations from abroad as we don't have FCRA.

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Subrat Goswami