Donate one rupee each day

Donate one rupee each day

                                                              A guest post by Aseem Rambani

With daily media reports on Indian economy leaping with a net growth of 8% GDP every year, one is bound to feel good that our country is on the path to peace, harmony and progress. So many graduates are moving to big cities to find lucrative jobs in ever-expanding Indian market. Big international companies are setting their plant on Indian land bringing money and employment both in India.

Despite all these reports, we often ignore the plight of poor which still constitutes a major chunk of our population. With increased consumption of resources and sky-rocketing prices of basic amenities, more than quarter population finds it hard to feed their children three meals a day. While we are enjoying sumptuous meals at expensive eating joints, some unfortunate ones have to sleep with a hungry stomach. We spend hundreds to give tips to waiters, but always hesitate to donate ten rupees to a needy person. Buying expensive clothes in every season, we often forget to give a thought to those children who wear the same uniform every day.

How many times do we really know the count of coins in our wallet or purse? Probably never, then why are we so reluctant to spare a single rupee coin for those who really need it. We never regret if we lose a ten rupee note, but then why do we feel so bad if a hungry child asks us to feed him/her outside an eating joint. We need to change our mindset and be considerate toward others. If you really want to know the value of a single rupee, ask those which live on the edge every single day. Many children in our country sleep without dinner every night, while others (who are made by same God as us) are never sure will they get any food in whole day or not. Is this the India, we all want it to be?

Besides the issue of malnutrition among children, we are unaware of major issues like illiteracy and intellectual development of them. Despite so many government and voluntary measures, these problems are eating our country at Grass-root level. If not much, we still can play a very pivotal role in shaping the future of these children, which in turn will shape the future of our country. Many NGO’s run on voluntary donations ranging from single to thousands of rupees. A little charity may not affect your pocket, but can bring positive changes in lives of so many. Donating a very small amount may not be much for you, but it could be a reason to smile for many.

Sparing a single rupee from our expenses every day can help to shape the future of a child. We are born in families where our parents take care of all our expenses, what about those who don’t have parents or whose parents don’t earn much to feed them. If we are given this opportunity to lend a helping hand to our younger brothers and sisters, we should take the initiative. Try donating a rupee from your daily expenses. A little help from your side can improve the lives of many.

Famous writer Thomas Fuller once said, “Charity begins at home, but it should not end there”. Let’s spread this message in every corner of our community. Let’s save a rupee every day and play a small role for a bright future of these young children.

The above photograph  is of Vinita,age 13, a girl child our literacy centre located in a village Mahabadia, distt.Bhopal.Vinita is a regular student of our  literacy centre and is a fast learner.She earns Rs.400=00 per month by throwing cow dung of aldnlord of the village.Ahambhumika is  making best possible   efforts to provide at least basic edcuation to  the underpriviledged girl childrn like Vinita.  
This is Jyoti,age 5 years.She lost her father when she was in the womb of her mother.After few months of her birth her mother went to live with some one else leaving behind Joyoti on the mercy of her grand mother . Now Jyoti lives with her grand mother.Her grand mother is aged enough and can not take proper care of Jyoti.Jyoti attends our literacy classes regularly. We are looking for the best possible options for the girls like Jyoti so that they could be cared properly.     

Aseem Rambani the author of this guest post is MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Maine, US. He belongs from Village Chabba, Distt Amritsar, Punjab.


Anonymous said...

I support this one rupee a day theory. Apart from paying tax(which we dont know how its utilise) if we pay 1 rupee a day in a common welfare fund then many ppl will be hugely benefitted by that.

Palak said...

great rupee for a common middle class person is not much of a value(if not at all)...and it is not very tough to shell out..I will try to do it myself for sure... Thanks for reinforcing the value of one rupee for a poor person

Cancepto said...

but people need a medium to donate that Rupee

donate online india said...

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