Mahak- an education centre for girl child of stone crushers in a village near Bhopal

These are the photographs of  “Mahak” ( Flavour).An education centre started by us for the girl child of stone crushers of a villagenamely Mahabadia near Bhopal. These girl child have never been to school and they look after the household work after their parents are off to the field. We are providing them initially basic education of reading and writing Hindi and  Artihmetic.These education centre started functioning from 11.12.2011.We also intend to add some interesting activities like doll making,art and craft etc.shortly.  The main thought behind these initiative to make these girl child literate. I am not a writer at all but I can not restrain myself from expressing  my happiness after starting this intitaive.We had a lot of discussion with the parents of these girl child to send them to this education centre for a period of 2 hours from 3.00 to 5.00 PM every day .The age group of these girl child is 5 to 12 years and at present 22 girl child have joined.Ahambhumika will provide them stationery materials, bags ,books and footwear’s. Shortly we will also provide them sweaters and dresses, skipping ropes and , few other games . And these  whole initiative is not at all funded by any Corporate or government.  This is all due to support of you people. You may further support us by spreading words. Mail us at if you have any query or you wish to support our this small initiative.  
Subrat Goswami
Founder & Volunteer


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