Volunteer us from home

                                                      Volunteer us from home

There are many pre-conceived notions related to volunteering and social networking among us. We think that volunteering can be only done by going to the NGO. But volunteering goes beyond our physical presence. Commitment has no boundaries.

We think that Social networking is just for sharing photos that we took from our recent Goa trip. But a person named Shawn Ahmed (he goes by the handle @uncultured on twitter) creates awareness and funds through social media and recently, due to his efforts he was invited to Davos. Social media is no longer a platform for frustrated arm-chair activists. A single retweet or a single share on facebook can connect a donor to the NGO.

Aham Bhumika is a Bhopal based registered NGO started by few like -minded people .We need volunteers to spread a word about various charitable activities and campaigns of Aham Bhumika.
If you spend some time on social networking sites like twitter and facebook you can volunteer for us from home.

What can you do?

1. If you are a blogger you may help us by writing blogpost on our activity.
2. You may prepare tweets for our various campaigns with catchy slogans .
3. You may Retweet our tweets.
4. If you are a designer, you may design poster for us.
5. You may connect us to the generous people via mail to seek further support.
6. If you know any Corporate you may connect us with him via mail.
7. If you are a fund raiser, you may guide us on this.
8.If you are a writer you may write content on various topics for us.
9.If you are an editor may edit our posts/content.
10.. If you are an Artist, you may donate / auction your painting to raise fund for Aham Bhumika.

If you wish to volunteer please mail us at :- ahambhumika@gmail.com


Vivek Malviya said...

i am also join with your team, so please tell me the procedure of it...my self vivek malviya...and my contact no:8435977398.

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