An appeal to celebrate 64th India Independence by supporting needy kids of a village

An appeal to celebrate 64th India Independence day by supporting needy kids of a village

They have never been to city. They have never seen a train, movie, museum or a zoo. Their life is limited to their village.Their village is still  inaccessible during rains. They won’t have electricity. Every year they lost some of their near and dears due to snake bite. There is no dispensary. They cannot afford even a piece of soap. The water they drink is dirty.They won’t have proper clothes to wear.They are habitual of living in dust & dirt.Off course I am talking about the kids of a village namely Bodkaho,distt.Bhopal. This tribal village is hardly 17 Kms away from the heart of Bhopal. One of our volunteer Shri Ashutosh Baranwal Twitter handle @MainKhuda who visited this village with his counterpart is the eye witness of the plight of the kids of this village.And we are going to celebrate 64th India Independence Day on 15th August of 2011.

What we are doing here : From time to time Ahambhumika provides clothes to the kids of this village. We collect clothes from the people of Bhopal. Our generous supporters who are on Twitter too used to send us clothes, books etc. by courier.
We provide books,toys,stationery articles to the children coming to the primary school of this village.There are 65 children( age group 5 to 10 years) in the primary school and around 60 children( Age group 0 to 4 years ) in Anganwadi centre of this village.
Few examples of Tweeples who supported us
1. Last year Bhopal witnessed tremendous cold. The nights were like a nightmare for the children of this village.We won’t had woolen clothes .The teacher of this village school advised us to provide two pair of shirts paints to the each children of this village so that he/she could be less affected by cold by wearing two pair of clothes at a time. We did so and also appealed to the people on Twitter and one of our supporter twitter handle @MamtaSingh_ and her generous husband Shri Ram B.Singh sent new sweaters,stationery by courier for this kids (
2. @Main Khuda sent books,stationery articles,sports materials for the kids of this village

3.Pratham Books :Last year Twitter handle @prathambooks books had helped us by providing story books for the children of this village ( )

4.Toy Bank: Org Twitter handle @Toybank helped us by providing toys
   for the kids of this village.
Our Plan : Presently we are aiming to set up a small library in this village. Efforts are on
for this and one of our supporter again from twitter has donated Rs.15,000/- for this.(He does not want to be named). Two more supporters again from twitter their twitter handle is @yeayeaiknow Ms. Aparna Jejurikar @vivek782 Shri Vivek Balakrishanan have sent books by courier for this. One more supporter from Twitter @discopiggu Ms.Arundhati have couriered books which are on the way. We are thankful to all these generous people.
By 15th August we are hopeful to set up the library in this small village bringing cheer to the underprivileged tribal kidson the eve of 64th India Independnce Day .
Misson : Since we are not funded by any corporate or government we are not at all aiming high.Our mission will be fulfilled even if we could support the underprivileged kids of few villages by providing basic material detailed below.
What we need: We need your support.
How can you support us: You can support us by donating
2. Undergarments new ( For the 65 kids age group 5 to 10 years)
3. Story books (in Hindi)
4. Soaps (We need it badly for the tribal children of this village, who won’t have access to it)
5. Stationery articles (Like color pencils, drawing books, sketch books etc.)
6. Sports material (Like skipping ropes, football, bat, balls etc.)
7. Toys (We require urgently for the tribal kids)
8. Bicyle
9.Chappal/Shoes ( We require this badly for the school children of this village as most of them attend school bare foot as they even can not afford a chappal while shoe is a luxury for them )
10. Monetary contributions
You may send these things by courier to us. Even if you donate any of the material once or twice in a year it would not cost much. You may donate any material as mentioned above in any quantity.
Return: We will not only send the certificate of thanks but also send you the photographs after distribution. May be you may not essentially required the same but it is imperative on our part and is also our responsibility to communicate you that the material sent by you have reached to the underprivileged kids.
Least we could do: You may plan to visit this village at your own leisure. We will accompany you to this village with us. During your visit, you are most welcome to stay with founder and volunteer of Ahambhumika in his house. This will be an opportunity for us to have your guidance, share your knowledge, experience and skill.
We shall be highly obliged to you even if you don’t want to contribute anything, at least support us by acknowledging the receipt of this mail, along with your feedback/guidance suggestions. Further you may also help us by forwarding this post to your friends and like minded people and spreading words of this small effort.
If you want to know more about us please visit our site
Our blog
If you have any query feel free to ask and send your mail to
Support us on Twitter @Ahambhumika

For sending material by courier our address is
Subrat Goswami
C/o Archaeological Survey,
4th Floor,B-Block,G.T.B.Complex,
T.T.Nagar,Bhopal-462003 (M.P.)
Monetary donation: Here is how you can donate money : Online Bank Transfer:
You can transfer do account transfer to our account AHAM BHUMIKA SWAYAM SEVI SANSTHA, ACCOUNT NO.- 2073101015874, IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, Bank - CANARA BANK, Branch - MAHARANA PRATAP NAGAR, BHOPAL
Important: If you're doing a online transfer to our account, please send us an email with your name, address and donation amount, so that we can send you the receipt and a certificate of thanks.
You can send your donations through account payable Cheques/ DDs in favor of – AHAM BHUMIKA SWAYAM SEVI SANSTHA, Payable at BHOPAL (M.P.) to the above mentioned address.

For any specific query you may call Founder & volunteer Subrat Goswami on his cell 098264 72718.
There is no deadline for sending material. You can send the material through out the year as per your convenience.
Important: While sending any material / monetary contribution please communicate us your name, complete postal address and e-mail id so that we could acknowledge the receipt.
With profound regards
Subrat Goswami
Founder & Volunteer


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