Distribution of Grain & Pulses

On 19th June 2011 distribution of Grain was made to the women of Grain School.This time besides wheat,  we were also able to distribute pulses to these women.This all was possbile  due to donation by our supporters.Distribution of 30 kg. of wheat, 3 kg of rice and 2 kg of pulses was made to each women enrolled as student of Grain School.In view of the rainy season ahead most of the women would not be able to go to their work as the brick kilns and stone quarries   are already  closed.The costruction work has also been slowed down.Since most of the women  won't have earnings,they will reamin in home ideal.The distribution of Grain and pulses would be of immense help for them as well as for  their family.  And to utilize their  time in a propoer way we have started  kntting classes from this week so that they could knit during rainy season.
These women and adolsecent girls  25 in numbers belong to  the underpriviledged section of the  society and are the inhhabitants of a village namely Mahabadia,distt.Bhopal.They work as daily wage labourer in stone quarries,brick kilns and construction sites for paltry wages.During evening they attend basic literacy classes run by "Ahambhumika"where they are taught Hindi writing and reading and do some Arithmetic.As incentive for attending literacy classes regularly they are provided certain quantity of Grain every month.The whole intitiave is being carried out with the support of our generous individuals.Do support us by spreading words.
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