1st test of Grain School women

Above are the few photographs of Grain School women who had their 1st test examination on 29.05.11.They have been learning Hindi writing and reading and Atithemetic since November 2011.All of them were excited for the test.In all 16 women appeared in the 1st test held yesterday.The test was an attempt to assess what they have learned and also an assesment for us that where we need to improve while teaching them further.This test was further  aimed to boost thier morale.All of these women have never been to school earlier.Support them and wish them good luck please so that they could progress  further and could be self reliant and edcuated up to some extent.They are  living a very tuff life,working as daily wage labourer.But they have proved that they are very good learner in spite of all odds in their day to day life.To know further about Grain School please visit our earlier posts and also web site http//ahambhumika.org  


Anonymous said...

Really nice. It feels great to know the determination of the women. Congratulations to the founders of Ahambhumika and the volunteers for bringing about a change in these women's lives.
God bless the team and the good work.

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