Grain School - An effort to educate daily wage labourers with Grain

                                    GRAIN SCHOOL - AN  EFFORT TOWARDS LITERACY 

 Above are the few photographs of Grain School.The women of this school are stone crushers & daily wage labourers working in brick kilns.They had never thought that some day they would be able to learn basics.On completion of 2 months of  learning HIndi vernaculars with the slates & chalks,recently  they have been provided pencil & copy to write.Now they are more cofident.Now  in the ration shop they won't put their thumb impressions.They make their signautre.Few of them have started reading Hindi.And the journey is on. As an incentive for attending basic literacy classes these women  are provided certain quantity of Grain.And it is a well known fact that one can not teach an empty stomach. 
   To connect them with outer world we need computers.Any one's kind gesture  to  donate desktop / laptop (old but workable ) is most welcome.


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