Grain School - An effort to educate daily wage labourers with Grain

                                    GRAIN SCHOOL - AN  EFFORT TOWARDS LITERACY 

 Above are the few photographs of Grain School.The women of this school are stone crushers & daily wage labourers working in brick kilns.They had never thought that some day they would be able to learn basics.On completion of 2 months of  learning HIndi vernaculars with the slates & chalks,recently  they have been provided pencil & copy to write.Now they are more cofident.Now  in the ration shop they won't put their thumb impressions.They make their signautre.Few of them have started reading Hindi.And the journey is on. As an incentive for attending basic literacy classes these women  are provided certain quantity of Grain.And it is a well known fact that one can not teach an empty stomach. 
   To connect them with outer world we need computers.Any one's kind gesture  to  donate desktop / laptop (old but workable ) is most welcome.

Bhagwati,how you will feed your malnourished baby ?

Friends, this is the tale of Bhagwati.Aged around 22 years of village Mahabadia.She is a regular student of our Grain School.Bhagwati is married to Chain Singh, a love marriage, resulting to bycott by her family.She has a daughter Bharti ( 6 months ) who is malnourished.Seven months ago her husband took a loan of Rs.12,000/- from  owner of a brick kiln to give the amount to his brother in law,who required it  to meet out few expenses during his sister's marriage.As the matter was related to the marriage of his own  sister Bhagwati too happily agreed uopn it.When Bhagwati went to attend the marriage her parents did not allowed her to enter in to the house, she returned with heavy heart.Later on she learnt that her brother has not utilized the amount loaned by her husband for the purpose her borther  had sought (marriage of his sister) instead he had spent that amount in drinking.Since the loan has to be paid back Bhagwati and her husband are now engaged in the brick kilns and preparing bricks.For their day to day needs, they have to borrow some amount from the onwer of the brick kiln.With in a period of seven months they have a debt of Rs.42,000/- over their head.They will be paid Rs.300/- for preparing 1000 bricks.God knows when they would be able to repay the loaned amount which is increasing day by day.Bhagwati and her husband are toling hard to re pay the loan.His brother too is with themhelping them in preparing  bricks but they have doubts that at any day he may fled away. 
Bhgwati often won't have anything to eat.She attends Grain School regularly as some qunatity of Grain is provided here to every student monthly.Bhagwati  is aneimic and her baby is underweight, she won't have milk to feed her daughter.Grain School suports her by providing  some extra quantity of Grain.But how long ???We are making efforts for some respectable livelihood for the women like Bhagwati.You too could join us in this journey of rural India.     

                                         Bhagwati making queries to the  teacher in Grain School
                                      Bhagwati during distibution of Grain to women of Grain School

                                                               Bhagwati preparing bricks
                                                This is the house where Bhagwati lives
                                              Bhgwati with her malnourished girl child Bharti

Blanket distribution

This year winter Bhopal  was chilling.For the needy villagers who won't have proper clothes, this  winter in particulars  was one of the  worst.But with the help of our supporters we were fortunate enough to have some sweaters and blankets.People  even from different cities sent sweaters through courier to us.We are obliged to them for the support.Though we required more sweaters particularly for the children in the  age group ranging from 0 to 06 years.But any how we got tremendous support.
For blankets we are obliged to Ms.Mitali Chatterjee, from Bhopal who donated 16 new brand blankets.These blankets & sweaters were distributed to the villagers of Mahabadia,distt.Bhopal.Avode are the few pictures of distribution.

Grain Distribution -2

Friends, find above few photographs of distribution of Grain to women of Grain school which took place on 08.01.11.The women working as stone crusher & construction worker during day time and attending basic literacy classes during evening are learning fast.We are thankful to you all for the support.   

Who will give sweaters to people living in villages?

Learning in Grain School class

Above are the few recent  photographs of "Grain School".The women have never been to school in their life.They work as stone crushers & also in the brick kilns.They work hard to earn their livelihood."Grain school" is an effort to educate them.They are 20 in numbers.For attending basic literacy classes regularly they are provided certain quantity of Grain as an incentive  to support their family.Support them.     

Great start to 2011 with your support

We had a great beginning of 2011. We distributed sweaters and sports material to the students of Anganwadi in the Tribal village Bodakho Distt. Bhopal. The sweaters were sent by our supporter Mamta Singh (Qatar). The sports equipments were sent by Ayushi Baranwal (New Delhi). Please take a look at these pics to see how happy these children look. Just look at their faces and we won't need say anymore.Thank you to everyone for making this possible.