Tulsa Bai, whose hunsband is absconding

This post is all about Tulsa Bai. She is one of the student of Grain School.Aged around 28 - 30 (She does not know her age) lives in a village, Mahabadia and works as a casual labourer in the field or on construction site, wherever she gets work. She was married 10 years back with Shankar.Her husband Shankar had borrowed a sum of Rs.12,000.00 for his marriage and mortgaged himself to a landlord for one year. They had two sons – Prem Singh (8 years) and Chotu (6 years).When Chotu was few months old Shankar suddenly disappeared from the field where he was working. The father of Tulas bai searched every where but Shankar was not traceable. No FIR was lodged as the poor family could not afford to pay bribe for lodging FIR. Shankar husnband of Tulsa bai  is still absconding and both of his sons does not go to school as Tulsa Bai leaves home early in the morning to work for the livelihood of her family. This lady who is strong enough won’t talks much when asked , why she won’t deposit some amount which she earns and try to got her sons enrolled in school. She says’,”itne paise kahan milte hain jo bank main rakhun.Aur bacche,kuch din school gaye the.Par bad main jana chod diya.”

Tulsa bai who goes to work daily early in the morning at 8.00 A.M. returns to her village around 5.30 PM and regularly attends “Grain School” to further support her family as certain qunantity of Grain is provided to the women who regularly attend basic literacy classes by "Ahambhumika". She is learning fast, speaks less and is committed.


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While I dont think her husband will return back, I really am surprised at the attitude of this woman. Instead of breaking down, she took the initiative to earn and raise her children on her own. A strong woman indeed.
Signed: Thursday, December 23, 2010, 8:12:55 PM IST

mlost said...

@Arun we must learn from her and stop cribbing about trifle matters.

nshu said...

well done.. our politician are highly currupted.. they never think for these people.. except Votes.. shame of them... and proud on Ahambhumika... you know if Politician will come in picture they will say Tulsibai is Hindu or Muslim and if Hindu then SC or ST.. so many rubbish thing they will put up except to fulfilling her needs..

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