Photo exhibition for raising fund

Photo Exhibition Title

                                                             The photo themes Rural India

Subjects with Rural India in positive light: Examples Child nutrition, women education and empowerment, rural employment, health and sanitation. Food grains, green revolution, culture, festivals and traditions etc.

Dark side of rural India: Examples Malnutrition and Illiteracy, child labor, droughts and floods, lack of infrastructure, child mortality, religious malpractices, discrimination etc

Beauty: Examples Landscapes, farms and rivers. Heritage and monuments, costumes, handicrafts, decoration and celebrations etc.

Information for the photographer
Aspect Ratio = 2:3 (both landscape and portrait style)

Minimum Size = 1800x2700 pixel
How can you contribute?

Mode of submission -- CD (by post) or Jpeg file (maximum 4 MB)

Contact for any query
While sending mail please mark the subject "Photo Exhibition" Rahul Nayak whose e-mail is given above is a dedicated volunteer of "Ahambhumika" an avid photographer himself, presently lives in Banaglore. The whole concept of the Photo exhibition has been deisgned by Rahul.we are thankful to Rahul that in spite of his hectic schedule in Bangalore he  has taken up a big  responsisbility.

The Size we will print it on --The photographs will be printed on 12”x18” photoclass paper and elegantly framed for exhibitionontribute?  ubmission --> CD (by post) or Jpeg file (maximum 4 MB)
Please Sign the photograph with your logo/name on it.

Small Semi-transparent AhamBhumika logo will be put on the bottom left of bottom right of the photograph (as per your preference)

maximum 3 copies per photograph will be printed and sold

Maximum 2 entries per artist will be selected

30% of the sales cost (- the printing and framing cost) will be given to you. You may opt to contribute it to our cause at AhamBhumika

Certificate of Participation will be gifted to every participant.

Sample photograph With Artist Logo and AhamBhumika Logo attached with this invitation .
Selection Procedure

We would like to include each and every Photograph generously Contributed by every artist. However we would like to make sure the quality of our Framed Exhibits. The photographs will be selected based on beauty and Relevance to the theme. You will be notified about the same on or before 31st January 2011

Exhibition Date and Venue

Venue of the Exhibition:

18 to 20th Feberuary 2011,in Bhopal (M.P.)
The venue will be announced shortly.

                                                                     About AhamBhumika

"Ahambhumika" is a Bhopal based NGO.The members of the NGO are from different walks of life and all of them are working to support their family and besides that utilzing quality .time for the social activities.The NGO is registered under Socities Registration Act and also under Section 12 (A) of the Income Tax Act.The NGO collect clothes,toys & books and provide the same to the underpriviledged children,women and widows of rural India . Recently the NGO has formed a "Grain Bank". People are encouraged to donate grain like rice,wheat & pulses for the disadvantaged people of rural India.The grain thus collected will be provided to the needy widows,children living in the villages. Besides that the illiterate women of the villages will be taught basic Hindi reading & writing and as an incentive for attending literacy classes they will be provided grain. The NGO has started one such class in a village namely Mahabadia, distt.Bhopal. Most of the women of these village works as construction labourer and during evening time they attend theliteracy classes. There are many adolescent girls too in this village who have never been to school due to domestic reasons and poverty. They too could be taught basic Hindi reading & writing. But since we won’t have much quantity of grain we are not able to accommodate them.To scale up this work and publicize our effort this exhibition is organized in Bhopal.

The quantity of Grain which we have promised to provide each women attending
classes is as under:

1. Wheat 30 kg per month

2. Rice 05kg per month

3.Pulses 0 2kg per month


Wheat 50 Kg per month

Rice 10 Kg per month

Pulses 02 Kg per month

                                                       About The City Bhopal

Bhopal, the city of Lakes and the city of Surma Bhopalies, is the Capital of the Tiger State on India, Madhya Pradesh. Owing to its rich and diverse history, Bhopal has its own unique culture and even its own unique lingo called bhopali.

Life in Bhopal revolves around our numerous lakes and hills. We start our day with nice morning breeze flowing from bada talav refreshing the whole city, and we end our day walking through the lake view road with lush green hill on the one side and the lake on the other.The Bhopal is also famous for the hand made “batua” (ladies money purse).Hub of artists and art work namely ”Bharat Bhawan” is located at the heart of the city. Beautiful monument of Shiv temple,Bhojpour is a run of hardly 45 minutes from Bhopal.

Sponsor: We need sponsor to organise the exhibition.Any individual or corporate may sponsor/support.

We are obliged to Rahul Nayak for shouldering the responsiblity of this exhibition by working out every details.   


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