Bye Bye 2010

Dear Friends,

The only way we could think of for starting this Email was by “Thanking” you all. So, Thank You to all of you from the bottom of our heart.

It’s only your support that has made Aham Bhumika a success and helped us bring some change to lives of our fellow countrymen in rural India. 

To sum up 2010:
This year happened to be the best year for Ahambhunmika since its inception i.e. 2007. There are reasons to say that year 2010 as the best year for the organization. Earlier we used to collect clothes, bicycles, books, stationery, shoes, toys etc. and distribute them to the needy villagers and Anganwadi children. We used to collect these materials on number of occasions even from door-to-door.
The idea of Grain School:
During distribution we felt that besides clothes there are people who even won't have handful of grain to eat twice a day and they are illiterate to know anything about the various Government welfare schemes meant for them. We got this idea to collect grain from us the privileged middle class / upper class people and use this to benefit the rural underprivileged by asking them (preferably women) to attend literacy classes lieu of a certain monthly quota of Grain.

Consequently we launched a campaign for the collection of Grain. We approached 10 schools of Bhopal and out of the 10 schools 8 schools joined us happily. These schools supported us in a great way and as a result we were able to collect around 20 quintals of Grain during a period of one month.

Details of Schools from Bhopal who helped us in Grain Collection:
1. Delhi Public School - 4 quintals
2. St. Theresa's Girls School - 4 quintals
3. St. Xavier's School - 1 quintal
4. Billabong High School - 1 quintal
5. St. Paul's School - 4 quintal
6. Bonnie Foi School - 1 quintal
7. St. Thomas School - 1 quintal
8. Queen Mary's School - 4 quintal

Our volunteer Niharika Mishra from Kolkata prepared poster for Grain collection while the logo was designed by Arlne Grace.

Subsequently from 15th of November 2010 we started our Grain School. So from clothes to grain it was tedious journey but we are happy that 20 women of a village Mahabadia, district Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India) who work as construction worker on the sites and in the brick kilns now attend basic literary classes regularly. The plan is to first teach these women to read, write and do arithmetic and then continue the school as a study circle where they learn various other skills relevant to improving their livelihoods. We also intend to make them aware of the various welfare schemes government runs for them and the RTI act. The whole idea is to make them self-reliant and aware of their social importance. 

Some Photographs from 2010:


Use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has bought a paradigm change to our support base. People for around the country have helped us and some even visited Aham Bhumika and our Grain School to see and understand what we’re doing.

Ashutosh & Mridula (husband & wife) both IT professionals from New Delhi paid a visit to the tribal village Bodakho and the "Grain School" at Mahabadia. Incidentally the first grain distribution was made in their presence. They brought number of sarees with them from Delhi to Bhopal for the women of Grain School. Earlier we hesitated to ask to people for monetary donations. They suggested that we should goto our support base (i.e. the people of India) and ask them for monetary support even if in small amounts.

Ashutosh now is an active member of our team and helps us with our several campaigns

Just a few days back Grain School had another visitor. Sneha Vashist a student of Journalism from Sophia College, Mumbai paid a visit to Grain School.
Pranay Diwan, Ludhiyana, Punjab sent us 20 new cardigans for the women of Grain School.

Sushmita Rao, Mumbai sent us sarees by courier and is know helping us in our online campaigns.

Mrs. Mamata Sing, Qatar sent us stationery material, clothes and 20 new brand sweaters for the tribal children of Bodakho. She has provided us constant moral support and has been our guardian angle.

Sujoy Mukherjee, Vivek Verma, Jignesh Parikh, Prof. Anil Aneja, Akesh Soni made monetary contributions. It was because of them that we didn’t only achieve but exceed our monthly fund collection target of INR 10,000 for the month of December, 2010. 

Anoop Saini, Rahul Gupta, Dhruv Nagapal and Mrs Kaml Goyal sent us a big parcel of clothes. We are obliged to them for their awesome support.

We meet Rahul Nayak who has shouldered the responsibility of organizing a fund raising Photo Exhibition for the Grain School.

Vipin Sharma and his company the IT Genie Group designed our fund raising poster and are now helping us with our website design and hosting.

We also thank you our many other supporters on social media whose support on Twitter which went beyond just 'following us' and liking us on Facebook.

We’re now registered under Section 12 (A) of Income Tax Act and would soon be eligible for 80 (G) tax exemptions.

Plans for 2011:
  • We intend to open few more Grain Schools for the few women and drop out adolescent girls whom we can not accommodate in the current school due constraint of Grain Stock (the 20 quintals of Grain we’ve can only support presently enrolled 20 women for next three months) 
  • We plan to run some health camps in the villages.
  • We’ll continue with out endeavour of supporting rural/ tribal children in Anganwadis.

To achieve all this we need your support. Please continue with your support in whatever way possible.
Even the smallest donation amount matters to us. You may also help us by sending clothes, Grains, donating bicycles, children’s book, stationary.
So, Thank You again. We wish you a rocking 2011.

Aham Bhumika Team



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