Who will think of education when survival is at stake ?

                     Who’ll think of education when survival is at stake?

In this picture you see Tulsa Bai (60), a widow from Mahabadia village, with her granddaughter Man Bai (11). Tulsa Bai’s daughter died from cancer leaving behind 3 children, sons Balram (14) and Bir Singh (7) and a daughter Man Bai. Balram earns money by loading-unloading stones. Bir Singh takes care of a villager’s 5 cows in exchange of Rs.500 (about USD 10) per month. Man Bai does petty jobs around the village. None of these kids go to school. Man Bai was admitted in a school by our NGO, Aham Bhumika, who could attend it only for a day. The grandmother said, “Bhukhe pet kya padhai karegi?” (How will she study on an empty stomach?) The father of these 3 children has remarried and left the responsibility of the children to Tulsa Bai, who herself searches for odd, petty jobs to do at the age of 60.

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