Foot wear of two colours & skin desease on palm

This is the photo of Sunil & Surendra. Both are brothers.They live in village Barkheda Setu.They altogather  are 5 brothers & sisters.The  Sunil on the left  side, even won't have foot wear of the  same colour.He is wearing two different colour  of footwears.While his younger brother Surendra(on right  in the picture) is suffering from skin desease whihc is visible on his palm.When asked by the villagers that why the parents of this childrern are not taking him to the doctor, the villager replied, you are talking about the doctor even the family won't have proper food to eat.Further the doctor is available at a minimum distance of 14 km from this village.The village is situated in the forest.The road is not accessible.Taking to the doctor means spending a whole day.Losing the mazduri of one day.Than how come they will get food to eat ???
We are forming Grain Bank for these needy people.There are many stories to be followed.Please go through them.This is incredible India.    


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