About Us

About us
‘Aham Bhumika’ is an NGO, a group of like minded people based in Bhopal, a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The diverse group consists of artists, housewives, engineers, tourist guides, teachers and government employees. We are striving for the betterment of the underprivileged in rural areas of India.
 What we do:  
We collect clothes from donors & distribute them to those in need; the kids in Anaganwadi and schools, adolescent girls and widows in villages.
We prepare sanitary napkins from the donated cotton clothes & distribute them to village women who cannot afford to have even a clean piece of cloth to use during menstruation. 
We collect old bicycles, repair them and provide them to children who have to walk long distances to attend school.
We collect toys & games and provide them to rural Anganwadi centres to make them child friendly.   
We collect grain for “Grain Bank” & provide it to the destitute, disabled & orphans living in villages. In exchange the children are asked to enroll in schools while the destitute and disabled are advised to undergo vocational training best suited to them.
 We collect books and have established and informal library in the village with the aim of developing a habit of reading amongst the people, especially children.
 We also organize health camps for the children and women in rural areas
Our mission is to help the underprivileged children, destitute and orphans by involving generous people from the cities by collecting material discarded by them (clothes, bicycles, books, toys, newspapers etc.) for the underprivileged people. Besides this we also request them to donate grain for our “GRAIN BANK”.

 No one should die due lack of proper clothing.
 No one should sleep on an empty stomach
 Importance of education should be spread far and wide.

Collection centre:
We have established collection centres in Bhopal where you can contribute clothes, bicycle, toys, books & grain.

You can help us by sponsoring various events organized by us, the charges for transportation, printing of literature etc.
 Join us: 
You can spend some of your valuable time as a volunteer of Aham Bhumika and make your contribution to the betterment of the society.
 Monetary contribution:
 You can send your monetary contribution through cheque /demand draft favoring ‘Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha’ payable at Bhopal.
Address:   Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha
                458 – B Sector, Sravdharm Colony, Kolar Road,
                Bhopal – 46 20 42
               Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
For your query
mail us:  ahambhumika@yahoo.co.in
 Call           Subrat                +91 98264 72718
                   Yogesh               +91 98264 92924

Tribal school children of village Bodakho,Bhopal

These are the school children of  a tribal village Bodakho,distt.Bhopal.Here we are carrying out some small activities like providing clothes,books etc.These village won't have electricity and  road.Children  attend school irregularly.The children  will be provided Grain by "Grain Bank" with the condition that they will attend school regularly.When asked what more they require to keep continue attending classes regularly, girl child said they need "  skipping ropes" while the male child demanded a " football" to play during leisure time.  
Support  them.

Foot wear of two colours & skin desease on palm

This is the photo of Sunil & Surendra. Both are brothers.They live in village Barkheda Setu.They altogather  are 5 brothers & sisters.The  Sunil on the left  side, even won't have foot wear of the  same colour.He is wearing two different colour  of footwears.While his younger brother Surendra(on right  in the picture) is suffering from skin desease whihc is visible on his palm.When asked by the villagers that why the parents of this childrern are not taking him to the doctor, the villager replied, you are talking about the doctor even the family won't have proper food to eat.Further the doctor is available at a minimum distance of 14 km from this village.The village is situated in the forest.The road is not accessible.Taking to the doctor means spending a whole day.Losing the mazduri of one day.Than how come they will get food to eat ???
We are forming Grain Bank for these needy people.There are many stories to be followed.Please go through them.This is incredible India.    

Tribal children of village Bodakaho

These are the students of Primary School of Tribal village Bodakho.They won’t have proper food to eat. They get insufficient food due to the poor family background. By providing Grain to them, their proper growth could be ensured.Moreover the attendance of the children in a big quantity could also be ensured.While the girl child are provided uniforms, the male child are deprieved of the same.They need uniform but the government has no provision of providing uniform to the male child.Any one could sponsor their uniform which is required once in a year only. And not a big amount as their are only 30 male child. 

Arati of Kalapani

This is Arati. A resident of village Kalapani. She read in class 2 in the school of same village. She has three brothers & sisters. Her father is a daily wage labourer and the lone bread earner in a family of 6  members.The whole family of Arati is struggling hard to survive. In such a situation by providing Grain to  them, much relief could be provided. Arati is not at all enjoying his schooling as she has neither proper food  to eat nor clothes to wear.

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The plight of Amina Bi

The plight of Amina Bi

The lady on the right is Amina Bi (65). She lives in the village of Kalapani along with her sons Niyaz (22) and Azim (18). Both the sons are speech impaired. Azim is mentally challenged in addition and rarely comes out of the house. Amina Bi has lost her husband and daughter. She is also left with the responsibility of her granddaughter Annu (15) who is not enrolled in school. Niyaz is the only earning member of the family. However with his speech impairment and handicap of one working hand he earns only a little. All in all, Amina Bi and her family are suffering from more than one problems and struggling to make the ends meet.

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Jyoti ever glow with flare

                            Can this Jyoti (meaning ‘flame’) ever glow with flare?

This is the story of Jyoti (12) from Kalapani village. Both her parents are labourers. When asked if she likes to study, Jyoti’s answer is an emphatic yes. Though she is enrolled in class 2 (at the age of 12!!!), she casually attends school. She often needs to stay home to look after her younger siblings and to do all the household work. Besides, she needs to help her labourer parents with their work whenever they obtain any petty contract to maximise the earnings.

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For the sake of roti

For the sake of roti

Komal Bai (60) lives in the village of Mahabadia with her granddaughter Manisha (17). Manisha has lost both her parents. She is the only source of income for the family. Manisha, a labourer in the fields, is prohibited from going to school by her grandmother. When asked why, Komal bai replies, “Who will provide the roti (bread) then?”

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Golu's story

Golu’s story

Golu’s (10) father is in jail under the charge of homicide. He was attacked by a group of villagers out of a petty dispute. In retaliation he ended up taking life of one of them. Golu lives in Borda village with his mother, who does minor jobs to earn a living. He attends the village Anganwadi just because they serve the kids Daliya (a kind of cereal preparation) and occasionally attends school.

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Who will think of education when survival is at stake ?

                     Who’ll think of education when survival is at stake?

In this picture you see Tulsa Bai (60), a widow from Mahabadia village, with her granddaughter Man Bai (11). Tulsa Bai’s daughter died from cancer leaving behind 3 children, sons Balram (14) and Bir Singh (7) and a daughter Man Bai. Balram earns money by loading-unloading stones. Bir Singh takes care of a villager’s 5 cows in exchange of Rs.500 (about USD 10) per month. Man Bai does petty jobs around the village. None of these kids go to school. Man Bai was admitted in a school by our NGO, Aham Bhumika, who could attend it only for a day. The grandmother said, “Bhukhe pet kya padhai karegi?” (How will she study on an empty stomach?) The father of these 3 children has remarried and left the responsibility of the children to Tulsa Bai, who herself searches for odd, petty jobs to do at the age of 60.

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A concept note on Grain Bank

                                                         “GRAIN BANK”

             (An initiative by Aham Bhumika to address the basic need of food for the deprived)

           Millions of people in India are without a square of meal a day. They sleep on empty stomach or eat whatever they can lay hands on including mud, tree leaves and rotten food. The situation is worse in rural areas and particularly for the destitute, aged widows, orphans and disabled. These areas do not have facilities like the old age homes, orphanages or institutions working for the disabled, which are concentrated mainly in the cities.
        It is not at all easy for the aged widows, orphans and disabled people to find work in rural areas of India . And even if they do find some petty work, like odd jobs in the fields, they get paid very poorly in return. And the irregularity of these employment opportunities makes things worse. Marred by poverty, unemployment and hunger, they are compelled to resort to begging from their neighbours and relatives.
        To meet the need of such disadvantaged people living under miserable conditions in rural India , our NGO Aham Bhumika has decided to form a ‘Grain Bank’.
      During ‘Joy of Giving week’ being observed from 26 September to 02 October 2010 we will collect grain from those willing to donate to the Grain Bank. We will collect wheat, rice & pulses from people, corporate companies, as well as from school and college students of Bhopal . The aim of involving the children is to inculcate the habit of charity amongst them. These children need to be made aware of plight of those who are not as fortunate as themselves. Grain Bank will make them conscious of how a handful of rice or pulses contributed by them could mean a great deal to someone in need. This collected grain will be distributed periodically to the aged widows, orphans and disabled in various villages. We will initially cover the villages on Kolar Road , Bhopal .
        Those who are provided grain by the Grain Bank will be strongly urged to undertake some kind of training that would help them become independent in life and improve their quality of life. This could mean undergoing a vocational training best suited to them or enrolling into a school and attending classes regularly.
      You can help for this campaign in following ways:
   Contribute: Rice, wheat & pulses for the Grain Bank. Even a handful is sufficient. Please call Subrat 98264 72718 or Yogesh 98264 92924 to know where you can contribute.
Establish collection centre: You can establish a collection centre yourself after obtaining approval of Aham Bhumika.
       Spread the word: Use any and all means you can, including social media, to spread the word about this campaign to everyone that you can.
Follow us on twitter @ahambhumika
    Sponsor: Sponsor the printing of posters, brochures etc. as well as transportation charges for collection and distribution of grain.

Monetary contribution: You can send your cheque or bank draft in favour of
Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha, Bhopal
Address : 458 – B Sector,Sarvadharm Colony,Kolar
Road, Bhopal – 462042 (M.P.)
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You can read more about why the rural folk of India need grain and/or education, here Grain Bank