We have experienced that there is urgent need of clothes in the villages particularly for the childrenS. For this we need to establish collection centers in different parts of Bhopal where people could drop the clothes etc. Collection of clothes from the people individually is not possible.
At present there are two collection centers in Bhopal

1.Saraswati Collections, Geet Bungalow, Phase – 4 , Ayodhya Nagar , Bhopal Contact person Mr. Ranjan Singh (M) 99933 65612.

2.458 – B Sector , Sarvadharam Colony , Kolar Road , Bhopal
Contact person Mr. Subrat Goswami (M) 98264 72718.

We need to establish collection centers in Arera Colony , Idgah Hills , Bairagarh, Saket nagar , Shakti Nagar and Hoshangabad road area . Any one who can establish collection centre voluntarily in his area is welcome.


We have observed that in the rural areas the five days of menstruation are the worst nightmare if she has no piece of cloth. We are planning to convert un-wearable cotton cloth in to simple sanitary pads. For this we require cotton clothes in huge quantity.
For the wider publicity and participation of the common people in this venture it is our sincere request to you to please forward our this e-mail message to atleast 20 people with whom you are in touch.
Besides clothes people are advised to contribute magazines, story books, utensils, newspaper, carom boards ,toys, bicycle etc.


Since our organization is working without any funding weare collecting old / used things from the people which they have discarded but are useful for us .
We require following material at present

1. Computers (Old but workable for our office use and to make rural
children computer friendly )

2. Washing machines (Old but workable to wash cotton clothes to
prepare sanitary napkins )

3. Sewing machines ( For repairing the clothes and also to give them to
the needy village women after assessing their need to make them
self sustainable )

4. Mobile Phones (Old but workable for our volunteers who live in
the villages to be in touch with them )

5. Designer who could design posters for us voluntarily

We further once again request you to forward this message to all of your near and dears.
For any query you may contact the undersigned.
With regards

Subrat Goswami
Programme Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 – B Sector
Sarvadharm Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal
(M) 98264 72718


Find attached photographs of distribution of clothes to the children of Village Mahabadia, Kolar Road, Bhopal on 14.11.09. The clothes were received during the joy of giving week.


We will keep continue the process of distribution of clothes to the needy.