Donate old bicycle campaign by Aham Bhumika Bhopal 2nd phase

Donate Old Bicycle Campaign Bhopal - 2nd Phase

You might have observed that countless bicycles are lying unutilized,getting rusted in every apartment & colony. By spending few rupees these bicycles could be brought back to good working condition and the same may transform the life of a village children who has to walk long distances to attend the school . In view of this Aham Bhumika,an NGO of Bhopal has launched a donate old bicycle campaign in Bhopal. The main objective of this campaign is to encourage people to donate the old bicycles of their children which are lying unutilized & are getting rusted .The NGO will repair these bicycles and will give them to the children of a village so that they can   attend school regularly.

During 1st Phase the beneficiaries were :
During the 1st phase of campaign the bicycles received were distributed to the children of  "Government Middle School , Kalapani , Panchayat  Kajalikhera , Kolar Road ,  Bhopal".

The children belong to very poor class and most of  the parents are daily wage labourers / stone crushers.  

NGO had collected 38 bicycles out of which 16 were small bicycles which were given to Anaganwadi children while 22 bicycles were provided to the school going children   .Theses bicycles were repaired by the NGO and were distributed on 15th August ’09  Government Middle School , Kajalikhera ,Panchayat Kalapani , Kolar Road , Bhopal. amidst the presence of many of the bicycle donors . 
 Any one who want to donate his bicycle may call on  Subrat Goswami on his cell number 9826472718 or may E mail to

On receipt of information the members of the NGO will collect the bicycle from the doorsteps of the   aspiring donor .

How you can help us : Any one who  wish to join this campaign can help us in the  following manner :

  1.  By donating his  /her  old    bicycle .
  2.  By encouraging  his /her near  & dears to donate the old    bicycle .
  3.  By spreading our message to  friends &      relatives .
  4.  By providing space to our A- 3 size poster in the  office , shop & at the back of  four wheeler for the wider publicity of this campaign.
  5.  By arranging bicycle collection campaign in his/her   locality.

How the donor will be benefited :During  distribution the donors will be informed well in advance so that   ,the donors,  themselves can donate their bicycle to the needy children . The details of the recipient of the bicycles will be provided to the donors after distribution.

In the blog  the names of the donors will be posted .

Subrat Goswami
Programme  Co –ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 – B sector
Sarvadharam Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal 
(M) 9826472718


Dear all ,
Find few more photographs of distribution of clothes collected during the joy of giving week.
These pictures belog to the children of the village Borda located On Kolar Road.
The impact of the clothes could be very well viewed from the picture of Sonu .
The 1st picture is  of Sonu and 2nd one is of the same Sonu after he wore the clothes provided by ALL OF you people to these childrens.
During our 1st distribution on 07.11.09 nearly 5o children of the said Anaganwadi recevied the clothes contibuted by you.
Our next distribution is planned for 14th November 09( Saturday ) in village Mahabadia located on Kolar road comencing from 10.00 AM.
Any one amongst you wish to join us duirng the said distribution is welcome. we used to do it in simplest way.You can help us during distribution and also could see the utility of the clothes donated by you.
We are also going to launch our donate old bicycle camapign.
Please visit our blog



With regards
Subrat Goswami
Prog. Co-ordinator
Aham Bhumika
458 - B  Sector
Sarvadharm Colony
Kolar Road , Bhopal
(M) 9826472718

Few More Photographs..........