Moments of joy

Dear friends , few more photographs of the Anganwadi centre at Village Kajalikhera , Kolar Road are posted . We had distributed clothes & toys here on 25.07.09 contributed by you.We are thankful to our supporters. We need more clothes & toys  for the Anagwadi. Spread our message and keep continue the collection .

Whenever you want to handover collected material,  please call us 
(Mr. Subrat - 9826472718, Mr. Mukul -9826052852 or Mr. Yogesh - 9826492924 )

You may also e-mail us at

You may launch collection campaign for the clothes & toys etc. in your locality ,apartment. Pamphlets & posters will be provided by us.
If you are a teacher/principal or administrator in urban school in that case you may provide us the opportunity of presenting our concept to your students .Every urban school could cater to the need of the village children to a great extent .The students of urban school discard many things after the end one session & even during the session.School bags uniforms ,bottles ,tiffin boxes, story books etc. discarded by the children of urban school could be channelised to the rural school. In that case you may contact us at



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