Photographs of the Anganwadi kids

You can see the impact of clothing . There are 70 kids in this Anganwadi .We need more clothes for this Anagnwadi. Efforts are on and few people have expressed thier willingness to collect clothes for this campaign.
Most essential thing which is required is chappals & shoes.Most of the kids comes bare foot. If you have shoes ,chappals for the kids that you can provide us .
Please keep continue the collection of clothes,toys etc. and spread our message to your near and dears . Whenever you feel that you have collect ed sufficient clothes ,toys etc. please call on Subrat Goswami on his cell no. 9826472718 or e-mail to


Design posters / draw pictures

Friends ,we are thinking to prepare the posters for the Collection of toys campaign. If you or anyone whom you know can design poster for us voluntarily, please contact us.
We are also planning to approach few schools of Bhopal to give us a time slot of 30 to 45 minutes. The school children will be explained by us about the necessities of the village children and will be encouraged to contribute the material which has been discarded /lying unutilized with them.
If any one can draw few pictures on this theme on A-3 size drawing sheet , that will be great help for us. The same will be shown to the school children while explaining our concept . Any one who want to render his services voluntarily for the social cause may please e-mail us :

Please spread our message

Please spread our message
Since our inception we have felt it strongly that we need to spread our message to more & more people . Undoubtedly our strength lies with the people like you .Your constant support is the wealth of Aham Bhumika. Our earlier campaign “Donate old bicycle campaign ” has received overwhelming support from all of you . As a result we have received 30 bicycles .We will distribute them to the village children who have to walk long distances to attend the school. The repair of the bicyles is underway .Viewing its importance we have decided to keep this campaign continue .Our 1st distribution programme of bicycles is scheduled for 15th August 2009.Our donors themselves will distribute these bicycles and every person who has helped in this campaign either by donating his bicycle or by spreading our message , providing space to our posters etc. will be our chief guest on this auspicious occasion.
Our next campaign “Contribute toys & colours for the Anganwadi kids ” too has received good response from the people .For this campaign besides Bhopal, people from Sehore & Hoshangabad too have shown immense interest.
Few generous people have started canvassing for the toys campaign and even have started collecting material from their locality for Aham Bhumika .

Collection Centres : You too can join us .If interested, you can start it by providing small space in your house/office /locality . What you need to do is to spread message in your locality , apartment and to your colleagues in your office, school by telling about this campaign .They can hand over the material to you .Aham Bhumika will collect the material from you during weekends or as per your convenience .This will save our time, as collecting material from every individual is a very time consuming process. Please don’t forget to note down the name , address , e-mail address, mobile or telephone number of the people who have contributed the material for this campaign .We will provide the pamphlets /posters etc. for this purpose to you.If interested please send e-mail to us .
If you have any query or suggestion please feel free to call on anytime Subrat Goswami , Programme Co –Ordinator , Aham Bhumika , 458 , B – Sector , Sarvadharam Colony, Kolar Road , Bhopal on his cell no. 09826472718 or e-mail to

Postal AddressAham Bhumika , 458 , B – Sector , Sarvadharam Colony, Kolar Road , Bhopal.

In future we are planning to launch a special collection drive of woolen clothes for the underprivileged children .We will initiate this campaign prior to winter .